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  • On the gestures I use, this works perfectly. And I find its ease of setup (when moving from one computer to another) amazing. 5 stars
  • This is the best mouse gesture extension I have used, and I think I have tried them all – this extension is better than anything available on Chrome, too. The settings interface is very clean and intuitive – assigning gestures and choosing preferences is easy to understand and all work flawlessly (in my experience).

    It has a plethora of built-in commands to which you can assign whatever gesture you want, and every conceivable way to launch them – gesture, scroll wheel, chord (aka mouse button rocker), combinations of previous, and finally, user scripts for commands not already built-in. This add-on might be the only one that allows gestures in 4 and 8 directions (the 4 extra along diagonals). When using 8 directions, the user can choose 8 equally spaced zones, or, use wider zones along the diagonals. If you use 8 direction mouse gestures in other programs, then you will likely understand why that matters.

    And speaking of user scripts, the add-on author was exceptionally helpful. I sent him an email to request gestures for: Mute Tab, Mute all other tabs, Unmute all tabs. He responded in 1 day and posted the necessary user scripts on github. He explained in his reply he did this so I could download the scripts and have my desired functionality immediately, instead of having to wait for him to update the add-on and then go thru the release process, which could take a couple months - now that is above and beyond… my thanks to you again for that Mark - you are outstanding. FYI… all three of my “mute” requests are now part of the built-in command list. I have tried at least a dozen “mute tab” extensions, and none of them remotely compare with how efficient these new Foxy Gestures mute options are to use. I run 4 youtubeTV channels with 1 channel in each corner – no more trying to click a tiny speaker icon to mute one channel and then unmute another. And when you are in full screen mode, the mute option for other extensions is not even directly accessible… another reason this one is so much better.

    The only thing I could possibly wish for is that the author would create this extension for Chrome as well.
  • Thanks a lot ! This addon offers us a more convenient way to inject user scripts.
  • To open the home page with a gesture, when it is set to "Firefox Home" (=about:newtab, aka what you see when opening a new tab by default) do this:
    Add-Ons>Extensions>Foxy Gestures>Options>User Scripts (accept the warning)
    Record the gesture in the left box
    Paste this in the right box (also give the script some name):

    executeInBackground(() => {
    getActiveTab(tab => browser.tabs.create({
    index: tab.index + 1,
    active: false
    getActiveTab(tab => browser.tabs.remove(tab.id));
    }, [ ]);

    You're welcome.

    PS: the developer of this extension should add this as a workaround to this limitation of WebExtensions.
  • Please add a copy
  • Fantastic Add-on, really saved the new Firefox. Would it be possible to have a version for the new thunderbird as well?
  • Excellent app
  • good
  • 為什麼右鍵選單一直彈出來?
    why the right-click menu always popup when i finish the gesture?
  • can you please answer as i would love to give 5 stars.

    can you make it possible to have a shortcut to view the "tab" history list please.

    Tab history would be amazing because then you can set a mousewheel gesture and immediately choose which page/skip back a certain number of pages instead of having to go pack page by page.

    many thanks
  • Migrated from Gesturefy to Foxy Gestures just today. And have to say, this add-on has become so much better! Thanks!
  • Works well on most pages with some exceptions, e.g., this page (firefox add-ons), a new blank page, andfirefox options. It would be perfect if all pages opened in firefox are supported.
  • 这才是FireGestures的后继之作呀,还有用户脚本。不明白为什么Gesturefy比这个更热门,然而我强烈推荐这个扩展。
  • It takes few seconds to response which is very annoyance. Go to Top and Go to Bottom are 2 gestures getting this bug.
  • Perfect fit for my needs !
  • 60esr not supported?