36 отзывов
  • Absolute ease-of-use and works unbelievably successful. As a designer I would like to thank you so much.

    Soon I will make a donation, too.
  • Useful, I like the "test the font" feature, and the "save your favorite font" one, but I would like to save my favorite fonts from the addon window.
  • beautiful UI, useful function, easy to use. Perfect!
  • Very simple, very cool!
  • Отлично, то, что надо было! Спасибо.
    Excellent, necessary! Thank you.
  • thank you so much, this is so useful for designers!
  • Great addon, usefull and pretty interface ! could you add an option to have a light/colored icon to suit dark interfaces please ?
  • New version relatively to the past year version looks pretty good!
    P.S. But I don't understand what privat information access need your last version? Don't give the access and don't install the upadate.
  • Très pratique et performante ! Un outil utile pour un bon gain de temps :)