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  • не скачивает видео с getcourse
  • Unable to use it's own app... Will you repair that or that plugin is dead?
  • Fully functional and no bugs
  • does not find the local installed app
  • http://flashvd.net/privacy/

    Blocked by Web Anti-Virus

    Reason: dangerous URL

    Detection method: Cloud Protection
  • it is crap ... all you can do is convert ... and for that you need to download an additional software that doesnt work ...
  • Does not work. After installing the downloader module demands installing it again and again and again...
  • Nun funziona
  • I like this addon for Yotube, did work so fine most of the time. Only showed what was really useful.
    Fast und good.
    But now (again) a problem with Youtube videos downloading.
    Other addons für YT work still fine, hope the author can fix his addon soon.
    And please to the author: why not giving some feedback here on this site ?
  • This used to work great. Now it just gives me files to "convert" with no way to do it, just tells me to download the program that I already have.