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  • I loved this. It's bright, cute and adorable.
  • It is really nice
  • i like it!
  • One of my favourites - I SO love Owls
  • Very beautiful - it's like a childrens fairytale :)
  • oh the owlet, i love the owlet.. so colorfully
  • Very beautiful
  • Created an account in here just to say THANK YOU for making these five cute owls. They remind me of my siblings and I and it brings tears to my eyes. :)
  • this ok
  • Love the owls, very cute and colourful !
  • These Owls are actually pretty funny as well as cute.

    Makes you try to understand whats on their minds:-)
  • I love this theme! It's colorful, creative, funny, and it makes me smile. Thank you so much for your hard work. I appreciate you (and your ability to help people feel happy)!
  • This is a very cute theme. Thank you for making it.
  • Absolutely gorgeous! :)
  • To cute! =)
  • Cutie Pies!
  • I like wise owls. They are cute and very colorful.
  • my new theme thank you
    Thanks :) it's my favourite theme that I've done at the moment
  • I love Owls! So cute!
  • happy to seen cut owls thanks i like it so nice this.
  • This as cute as I've seen.
  • REALLY CUTE! I love owls! Thanks gemma_hope! <3
  • So adorable...