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  • I really missed the re-flow function that I have on my android when I'm browsing with a PC. I was just thinking how nice it would be to have it in my Linux build and then it occured to me that maybe someone wrote an extension. Found this one. Works really great! No more having to find the happy medium between squinting at text and scrolling like a freak.
  • Fit To Width 0.4.0

    Hangs firefox 50.1.0 when trying to download any file(verified by disabling). Some pages will not reflow to fit to width(for example stackover and google search results). Finally, not compatible with multiprocess . I will keep it disabled until download hang is fixed.
  • Works very well and automatically! Thanks for this add-on!
  • It doesn't do anything at all
  • Does not work. Motorola g3.
  • Now Opera isn't the only Android browser with decent text wrapping and I can finally ditched that laggy piece of crap. Dolphin's wrapping was too buggy, Chrome's text resizing is really dumb and nearly random at times, and before this every text reflow extension on Firefox was either buggy, required manually triggering it, or both. This is beautiful, 100% automated text wrapping when you change the zoom level just like Opera, but now with the flexibility of Firefox. Thank you based Jarrad.
  • It early to fully tell,but it work automatically. Including when i zoom in or out. Amazing.
  • A must have on smaller devices, only problem is that the width of the reflowed text doesn't properly take into account the vertical scrollbar so the end word of many lines is covered by the scrollbar. Would get 5 stars if it worked properly.
  • Thanks!
  • Text reflow is the most essential feature for any mobile browser. Without text reflow, the browsing on mobile is frustrating and impossible. Without this addon, Firefox is totally unusable on Android. I don't know what Mozilla thought when they removed the text reflow feature.

    Thanks for this addon. This is the best for Firefox for Android.

    If you want people to know about this addon's Github page, then add a link to the description.

    It does not work in private browsing mode.
  • Самое полезное дополнение для мобильного firefox
  • Спасибо!
  • works
  • Thanks.
  • am maintaining something similar (AndroidTextReflow extension).. this one works automagically for most pages. The text margins could be configurable, images should be resized preserving the aspect ration when possible, there could be a github account for reporting bugs. But altogether almost perfect.
    Hey, thanks for the feedback. I wouldn't have started this if I didn't see that it was possible through your own work. :) Images are now not skewed on sites with sane css, performance (and more importantly, responsiveness) is greatly improved, and I have a github set up with a sadly empty issue tracker. Feel free to leave the first bug report!