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  • Breaks some sites:
    1) http://forum.mozilla-russia.org - spoilers in topics don't work.
    2) Chrome addons webpages (for example, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fit-to-width/dfdmbpdbpocelpgahddghhkomnefchkl )

    Хорошо работает на большинстве страниц, проблема с горизонтальной полосой прокрутки становится редкой. Подобные возможности должны быть встроены в браузер.
    Но ломает некоторые сайты (см. выше).
  • Just a lifesaver!
    This functionality, however, should be in Firefox by default.
  • Works great for me. Helps me read Oracle JavaDoc conveniently. Thanks!
  • Superb extension to read anything
  • Cool. Its working on my android phone.
  • Doesn't work at all :(
  • Doesn't work for me on my Samsung 7
  • this is an essential addon!
    Thank you!
  • Works on most site but why don't it work on reddit?
  • Doesn't work. Tried to word wrap the view-source of a web page
    Hi, unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to have user scripts modify the view source page. I would love this functionality as well. :)
  • please, update this app!!!!
    this is the best from other!
    please, please, please
  • Wonderful! This functionality really should be built into Firefox.

    Question: Will you be updating it as a webextension for Firefox for Android 57(Quantum) by November 14 or perhaps sooner for Firefox for Android Beta?
  • sad that Firefox's instability will always mean being three steps behind. every single thing breaks every single instance the app is updated, and it was only a matter of time before 90% of the vital add-ons that practically cut off a major portion of work for the dev team was dropped.

    such a shame. I can only hope for a future update.
  • Ne fonctionne plus depuis la mise à jour de firefox.
  • I use tiling windows manager and sometimes end up having 2 or 3 windows on screen. Before finding this, I used user agent overrider to switch to mobile versions of websites. But having done so much, you should enable margins.
  • I really like the idea; it could be handy even on my desktop Firefox. However, it largely fails in practice because it reflows the text exactly to 100% of the browser window, leaving no room for margins around the text. In the best case, the text butts up uncomfortably close to the edges of the window; in the worst, one must horizontally scroll to get the text fully in view anyway, defeating the purpose of the add-on.

    It'd be a lot better if one could configure exactly what size the text is reflowed to. Being able to set it under 100% would make it possible to allow some room for the surrounding space, as well as constraining the line length to something comfortable to read on a wide-screen display (typically somewhere around 50 to 80 characters per line or so). This would make the add-on much more useful.

    It would also be nice if the add-on's changes could be temporarily disabled easily (e.g., from the View > Page Style menu) without disabling all the page's own styles, in case the add-on's style rules happen to clash and create problems with a particular page's own.
  • Needs a blacklist as some pages rendering is broken when it's enabled.
  • I tried Opera and fell in love with this feature, and I installed this immediately when I came back to Firefox.