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  • Nothing found in the proxy list
  • Перестал работать, "прокси не найдены"
  • Not working in Amazon,Hulu..etc
    this means it is not SECURE.
    This means nothing.
  • Doesn't work anymore with Firefox 71 Beta. Because of the new Proxy-API? Can we expect an update?

    UPDATE 27. November:
    Works again perfectly! Thank you for update!
    Hi, thank you for the feedback.
  • For chatturbate not working, pero para lo demas oHH YEAH !
  • For years I've been searching for a decent proxy plugin for Firefox that would let me instantly switch between proxies with a list of included updated proxies with a single click then just as easily go back. I finally found it. Excellent work to the developer, and a big thank you!
  • 不错,希望适配移动界面。
  • Work on android, good job.thanks.
  • Can not sort proxies by their speed (or ping time) thus you need to scroll the list to find the good ones.
    However, I think it's worth 5 stars
  • great proxy , thanks. but it doesnt work on youtube. works great everywhere except for youtube! is there a way for me to fix it?
  • This add-on really helps, while I am waiting for my own broadband connection to be installed. Works with 2 clicks(icon, then server) and is usually fast(otherwise you just make 2 more clicks). It's a godsend in my situation and really works great with no hassle.
    Thank you!
  • his very good
    Thank you!