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  • Not the official version... https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/free-download-manager-addon/
  • good but should be faster
  • Using firefox quantum 61.01.
    When this addon is activated I notice
    continued outbound connection attempts
    to coinhive.com. Coinhive is a Trojan Data Miner
    that severely compromises your compuer.
    When this addon is deactivated the connection attempts
    stop. Draw your own conclusions but the addon does not
    function with Firefox Quantum other than to attempt
    this connection. Google coinhive.com for further details.
  • 下载中文时候,名称出现乱码
  • complicated setup and it wont feed FDM with password, which is unhelpful.. funny how these browser integrations worked 10 years ago and suddenly everything is a problem.
  • Doesn't work on my Mac
  • Installed the firefox add on, installed the fdm from fdm page, went to a web page where a number of song sheets in pdf were available for individual downloading. could not get fdm to do anything about downloading these pdfs.
    How I miss DownLoadThemAll. It never failed.
  • Doesn't work with Firefox Quantum.
  • If you feel this extension no longer work for you, try this extension instead:
  • Can't catch Firefox quantum download link