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  • good but should be faster
  • Using firefox quantum 61.01.
    When this addon is activated I notice
    continued outbound connection attempts
    to coinhive.com. Coinhive is a Trojan Data Miner
    that severely compromises your compuer.
    When this addon is deactivated the connection attempts
    stop. Draw your own conclusions but the addon does not
    function with Firefox Quantum other than to attempt
    this connection. Google coinhive.com for further details.
  • 下载中文时候,名称出现乱码
  • complicated setup and it wont feed FDM with password, which is unhelpful.. funny how these browser integrations worked 10 years ago and suddenly everything is a problem.
  • Doesn't work on my Mac
  • Installed the firefox add on, installed the fdm from fdm page, went to a web page where a number of song sheets in pdf were available for individual downloading. could not get fdm to do anything about downloading these pdfs.
    How I miss DownLoadThemAll. It never failed.
  • Doesn't work with Firefox Quantum.
  • If you feel this extension no longer work for you, try this extension instead:
  • Can't catch Firefox quantum download link
  • Doens't work on Firefox Quantuum
  • Doesn't work with current version of firefox. Use to be a must have app but not anymore if you count on using firefox.
  • I stop using Firefox all together. Firefox has been my default browser since 2004. A working integrated download manager made this browser the best on the net. Now, many people are ditching Firefox because of a real lack of interest from developers to fix FMD functionality. Saying that... bye bye Firefox.
  • sip
  • Doesn't work on Firefox Quantum, waste of time. For details please refer to Laurence Sterne's review.
  • It does'nt work at all in firefox57 and later, so don't waste your time, give it up!
  • Könnte man viel einfacher gestalten und realisieren...
    Leider ist das Ganze im Gegensatz zur Software wirklich ein Scherz
    Das manuelle Hinzufügen der Links in den Downloader bereitet keine Problemne und ist einfach einfacher xD
  • very good
  • Doesn't work with FFQ. Doesn't intercept at all. And there isn't even a manager!
  • Dosn't work.

    Don't waste your time.
  • Doesn't work.
  • An installation guide for non-developers would have helped. I did not understand why installing another client was needed for the extention to work. Maybe a youtube video with sound could explain step by step what each part does. Since all the changes with Firefox seem to be motivated with security aspects, It seems strange that the first "new" compatible extention demands that you install a n "extra client " out of an obscure package called "windows", found somewhere in the internet. And that client program does not even have a name, nor an install path, it just installs somewhere into your system.

    Besides all that, the downloader still simply failed to download, even with the extention installing allright (It did check green). Then the first downloadable file, a mp3, produced just a "error spawn" message with a cryptographic text. That was 20 minutes in and I just uninstalled it alltogether. Why was downthemall or flashgot able to do what you'd expect even back in 2006?

    I do not undersstand why people put so much effort into creating these AddOns and nearly zero into conveing their product to the user.
    Really astonishingly bad user experience in 2017.
  • fantastically fast
  • it is the best download manager .one can easily download files at very fast speed using fdm as compared to browser download manager.
  • It can be used to download stuff from google drive. So, it should be 2 or 3 star rated I think
  • Was easy and worked fine. Now complex crap