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  • Oh my gosh, this is a fantastic extension,
    You are a genius.
    Thank you, thank you, really thank you
  • Really great way to monitor changes as soon as they happen without having to sit and refresh all day long.
  • I have been using it in my web pages with a password for a long time and they work very well for me. I have searched for other applications like this one and it is the easiest to configure. I recommend it.
  • Distill's interface is super straight forward while very effective at monitoring web page changes accurately; no false alarms; has helped me monitor changes for collectible rare, artisan made items that sell out quickly.
  • Мега крутой и полезный плагин! Спасибо, особенно за локализацию на русский язык!
  • Best Web Monitor
  • It is very usefull, and also simple after a few hours of tries. I got a lot of stuff like limited editions with this extension, thanks a lot !
  • $264 per year so I can have enough pages checked OFFLINE? I think that's too expensive. Elsewhere, you can get an independent program for a one-time fee of 30 € without limitation in offline mode.
    I would be willing to pay for a one-time price to unlock unlimited offline use.
    --- --- --- --- ---
    $264 pro Jahr, damit ich OFFLINE genug Seiten prüfen lassen kann? Das finde ich zu teuer. Woanders bekommt man für einmalig 30 € ein eigenständiges Programm ohne Limitierung im Offlinebetrieb.
    Für einen einmaligen Preis, zum freischalten von unlimitierter Offlinenutzung, wäre ich bereit zu zahlen.
  • This app has been phenomional on finding deals on flash sales.
    So happy with Distill.
    The integration is awesome!!!
  • 非常好用功能完善的網頁內容監視插件,它能夠讓你選定要監視的元素,然後自動刷新監視變動,有變動第一時間會提醒你,而且你還可以在元素內去掉不需要的元素.有高級付費功能,不過免費的功能也夠用了.5星!
  • If there are many open tabs, it will be loaded into the current tab instead of the sticky window.
  • This app actually helped me snag a special edition Nintendo Switch Smash Controller from Bestbuy! Hoping to grab some other rarities online via Amazon. Thanks! Great app.