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  • I've searched the whole internet for the solution. In the last I modified the "extensions.json" to fix the problem (which is a bad solution). Mozilla should've added an article about it on their help-page so users can easily find it using search engines.
  • Wow... I'm amazed that this actually worked flawlessly... but how? Normally enabling "allow studies" does the trick but this time it was already enabled. What is wrong with firefox developers? This literally happens every couple of weeks and I always need a different solution. Seriously considering moving to chrome again. But yeah, this worked for now. Thank you endlessly to whoever made this.
  • I had problem on installing some extentions in firefox 65 but this extention fixed my problem THANKS ;)
  • All functions work properly. Thank you
  • Fixed my problem thank you!!
  • Works for me! Thanks a lot :)
  • It worked but now its useless because its already fixed.
  • Ótimo, me salvou!
  • Firefox says it is up to date but add on and themes are gone