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  • Finally, a plugin that does exactly what I want on this topic ! Works fine for mobile browsing. You just visit all websites with us off, and if they are broken you can turn it back on. Makes reading the news so much more enjoyable ;)
  • it made me exist
    Thanks for your review QdeVega!
    As I'm always open to feedback and improvement suggestions, if there are any, please let me know (here or on the project's GitHub page https://github.com/dpacassi/disable-javascript ) so that we can make your review a 5 star review :)
  • Great addon. Works well!
  • Nice!

    Unlike many other addons that at first glance appears to do the same thing,
    THIS one does it RIGHT.

    When JS is turned off this way it trigger the standard noscript-tag, which developers use to tell visitors if they need JS to use functions on a site.

    Unless this is done properly, you may never know that for example the form you just submitted was just thrown away instead of submitted.

    It also has some nice preferences you can set, AND a clearly visible on/off-state.

    THIS is how you do it.
    Top grade.
    Thanks for your review! Happy to read that people like this web extension!
  • Работает. Свои обьявленные функции выпооняет. Но в сети тор слетает очень быстро. Отключаеться.
  • Works perfectly for the things I use it for: to enable right click on websites that block it.
  • Easy to use and configure, nice
  • This is so great thank you!! Much easier and quicker for development than going into Web Developer Tools.
  • It is possible to implement an add-on that disables and enables Javascript without reloading the page? Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Hi ccdoub!

    Hmm, I guess it would be possible to create such a web extension.
    It would have to remove all script tags and also all event listeners but certainly doable.

    However, you can already pause JavaScript execution in Firefox natively.
    Simply open the dev console and click on the pause icon in the tab "Debugger" -> JavaScript execution is paused :)

    Therefor a web extension is probably not necessary to achieve this.
    Thanks for your review though!

  • it is so nice
  • This is a very important add-on nowadays.