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  • Easy to use and configure, nice
  • A sleek addon that does what it claims to but the all or nothing approach seems flawed to me. I wish we could chose specific domains from a drop down menu so Im not enabling JS from a malicious 3rd party domain just because i want some scripts on a page to run.
  • This is so great thank you!! Much easier and quicker for development than going into Web Developer Tools.
  • It is possible to implement an add-on that disables and enables Javascript without reloading the page? Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Hi ccdoub!

    Hmm, I guess it would be possible to create such a web extension.
    It would have to remove all script tags and also all event listeners but certainly doable.

    However, you can already pause JavaScript execution in Firefox natively.
    Simply open the dev console and click on the pause icon in the tab "Debugger" -> JavaScript execution is paused :)

    Therefor a web extension is probably not necessary to achieve this.
    Thanks for your review though!

  • it is so nice
  • This is a very important add-on nowadays.
  • Finally a plugin to restore some pre-quantum functionality.
    Thank you!
  • very useful, simple, easy. Perfect.
  • awesome. Does just what it needs to do and nothing more.
  • Very useful n easy!
  • Similar to Quick Javascript Switcher for Chrome. Very elegant in its design and function. Open source! Works beautifully.
  • Спасибо!
  • Very very useful, can't believe Firefox is missing such a basic feature as JavaScript disable button.
  • A decent competitor and alternative to noscript. However it causes layout issues on some sites, like duckduckgo and startpage. E.g the text "The search engine that doesn't track you. Learn more" appears twice. This is with JS enabled. It's also a consistent issue, but if you refresh it disappears. Haven't found other websites with similar issues, I'm sure there are more.

    Edit: Might the "google goes blank whenever a link is opened" issue on github be related to this? I don't know
    And whenever you click on a link in duckduckgo it says "You are being redirected to the non-javascript version of the site". Excuse me, but I have it enabled! It doesn't actually do it, it's just a message.
    Hi there!

    Thanks for your review. The bug you've described was indeed a known, open bug.
    However, I've published a patch release today (v2.2.3), so your local installation should hopefully update itself soon.

    In the newest release the bug has been fixed. Please let me know in case you still would have this or any other issues with this web extension.