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  • Protects from CDN tracking. Keeps all my sites working as expected. And is very unobtrusive.


  • I already use a lot of blocking extensions and have not noticed any negatives from adding this. I install it in every Moz-based browser I have for which it is compatible. Would like to see it developed as XUL ext. for those of us not planning to go to Webext..

  • One of the best extensions. Page loading seems to be even better. Keep up the good work, dev!

  • cool

  • A must have. Thanks for your work.

  • The recommendation to replace ABP with Ublock Origin has also helped a huge amount. Now pages load almost instantly and my Firefox memory usage has shrunk to 500mb from 1.2gb! All this time pages were loading so slowly and no amount of optimization of addon choices seemed to help.

  • Прошу помощи!Услышьте!Адоб не грузит,хотя обновляю периодически!Винда блокирует мазилу и адоб с ней заодно!Навязывают гугл!Другие браузеры летают!Их не блокируют!Прошу отправьте кому надо!Мне не дают ПРОБЛЕМА ОСТАЛАСЬ!!!ИГРА НЕ ГРУЗИТ,ВСЕ МЕДЛЕННО И НУДНО!БЛОКИРУЮТ ТОЛЬКО В МАЗИЛЕ,ГЛАВНОМ БРАУЗЕРЕ !!!УБИРАЮТ ГАДОЧКУ,ЧТО ОН ПО УМОЛЧАНИЮ!ПЕРЕШЛИТЕ МАЗИЛЬЦЫ,ПРОШУ!послать письмо и связаться с Вами вообще никем из мазильцев!Письма не отправленные лежат в почте!Все блокируют!

  • Great jobs for FF privacy and page speed =D

  • Does the job and make FF run smoothly. Well done.

  • 謝謝作者

  • Все ставьте его благодаря ему все страницы стали грузиться очень быстро и блокировку сайтов можно быстро обойти и работает как из каробки

  • Works. Just works. Well done.

  • The last week or so Gmail reloads the page after I login. I think it might be detecting that resources aren't being loaded remotely and it reloads them remotely? I don't know but it's strange.

  • I have often thought about the same solution since as a privacy geek I am often bothered by the CDN lookups. Plus the lookups take time of course.

    Bundling the resources locally is an excellent idea as most of these resources don't change. Only issue perhaps would be in refreshing these resources so they don't get too much stale.

    I installed this add-on and visited Twitter.com and it loaded in like 2 seconds. No more waiting to load all those stupid CDN requests....

    Keep up the good work man..!

  • Only issue I have ATM is its not working with the Dropbox website like i cant login and have to disable the extension so not bad just a little annoying. Even tried to add the domains to the lists

  • Not only it protects your privacy, it saves a bit of loading time and bandwidth, since the libraries are local.

    Question for the developer: could you add jQuery 3 to this extension?

  • Question for the dev ....

    have you started testing for e10s yet which will release on FF48?

    I turned on e10s the hard way in FF47 and so far it looks to be working okay, but I'd thought I'd ask if you've done or have to do any preparatory work for it?

  • Love the idea. Clever, simple and effective. Thanks Thomas.

  • This addon works great to help protect your privacy, Even speeds up page load times.

  • one of the best add-on for privacy.

  • Исправили проблемы с Яндексом. Отлично!

  • perfect

  • I've got a local caching server for this purpose which i don't need anymore thanks to Decentraleyes.

  • Hello!
    Last version break Yandex mail.

  • Simple and useful. A great idea for an add-on.