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  • Software / Addons / Plugins / Websites with a mostly bright background, are for me the most questionable phenomenon, probably without a conspiratorial .. haha ​​.. background.

    Why are almost all monitors / TV's black?
    They stand for the empty space to the requirement of material value.
    That can be planets, Video content or virtual buttons such as icons and menus.

    We need light to exist: there are suns for that.
    And a sun that lets us recognize everything important in a pleasant way, is the creation with the name "Dark Reader"

    Thanks for your Light
  • Incredible, Mind(Eye)-Blowing, Extremely Soothing, a Must-Have. This extension is a Work-Of-Art. There is no other dark-mode reader like this. The authors have taken pains to select the proper contrasting colors. It makes even existing dark-mode ready websites better.
  • nice tool!
  • esta genial la capacidad que tiene para altenrar el fondo en muchos sitios y el configurarlo para que solo sea en algunos me encanto
  • I really like this one, the only negative that I can think is that the pages and websites have a small delay before open or load, maybe 2-3 seconds! So if you have used to instant opening of every page it can be little bit annoying! I Really would want to know if this can be fixed in the future. But beside that, it works like a charm and it has many very useful option to choose!
  • It is nice across most sites, but it disables channel art on YouTube. It was only after disabling this plugin I could see channel art in YouTube.
  • L'idée est très intéressante mais le thême sombre nuit très sérieusement à la lecture et l'utilisation des pages web
  • Fantástica extensión, tanto blanco suele cansarme la vista.
  • Hi!

    At first few weeks this add-on worked excellent.

    Now, it doesn't. Usually, I have to reopen Mozzila app to make Dark Reader active.

    I'm using Samsung A70 Android smartphone, and I update Mozilla regulary.

    Do I have to update some other app or apps or system (which is google's) automatically? Or do I have to pay for comfort use of Dark Reader? Or this plug-in is not developing anymore?

    If I have to, what's the point...? Can you give me, please, link to some other plug-in with functional dark reading mode for web?

    Or do I have to stop update anything? I mean, I'm not complicated user, I can use Android 4 or 5, whatever...

    Best regards!
  • It's awesome. I like that the system is observative and recognizes what's in fashion.
  • Excellent and simple add-on for Firefox. It replaced the dark themes I had installed for multiple sites a lot more efficiently as it lets you tweak the appearance of each individual site. Plus it really is like a theme mod, not a layer that'd obscure even videos and pictures like some add-ons you'll find.