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  • Worked fine on chrome but it takes minutes to render the page on firefox.
  • No place to DOWNLOAD. I'll look for a reliable person that has what I need.
  • Does not respect it's own global "Off" mode. Sometimes it kills the browser when in idle mode, sometimes it takes minutes to render the page. FF70.0.1
  • É por opinião pessoal O MELHOR, ele coloca TODO TIPO DE SITE em modo escuro e ainda tem uns recursos bons de personalização
  • Çok kasıyor.
  • Amazing. Just works. Dark mode for night and sepia background for the day has helped reduce eye fatigue big time. Thank you.
  • Perfectly fits to most sites, amazing customization modes and toggles, doesn't hinder performance...what else could you want? HIGHLY recommend for dark theme nuts like me.