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  • Great little tool!
  • Couldn't live without this.

    PS. Does anyone have any advice on how to suppress the annoying "This site uses cookies" click throughs on many sites?
    I don't care, set as many cookies as you like, they'll be gone-burgers in ten minutes, just don't bug me about it!
  • Great addon, does everything it says it will.
    Would be even better if there was a context menu option instead of hitting the button on the navbar.
  • Simply disabling cookies breaks many websites. But I restart my browser very seldom so this is perfect to clean up all the (tracking) information websites leave behind. Whitelists make it convenient to exclude wanted cookies from the scrubbing … could be more fine grained though (= only keep specific cookies).
  • It would be great if i could customize the notifications, size and color etc.!
  • Great job
  • What am I doing wrong I keep having to whitelist the same cookies.