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  • What am I doing wrong I keep having to whitelist the same cookies.
  • seriously....delete all cookies button/functionality should be either:
    - have a confirmation button
    - or be marked as a panic button

    not a good start of the week....
  • Works okay. The interface is a little clunky and unintuitive. Wish there was a keyboard shortcut to clear cookies rather than having go to through several clicks on the popup menu. Also had to disable the notifications. While I don't mind seeing what was cleared, I hated that there was no way to disable the loud audio notification.
  • its cool but it forces me to use container tabs.
  • Smart.
  • Alles super
  • Together with NoScript and uBlock Origin the MUST HAVE add-ons for Firefox.
    It is OUT-STAN-DING!
  • Very pleased with this.

    Not a perfect solution but I keep my FB and Google sign-ons compartmentalized from EVERYTHING else which means there are relatively few sites that need to have cookies set.

    Scrub them all. I don't need to be tracked.
  • Cookie Auto Delete is great at auto deleting your cookies but on the down side, when your cookies get deleted I found that if you are using a google service and your cookies get deleted it automatically signs you out. So that is why I'm giving 2 stars.