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  • Why not use SEARCH'S instead of weird bookmarks in specific folder
    First reason: it isn’t possible in Firefox since version 57.
    Second reason: this is how i prefer it and it will never change, even if it was to be supported.

    The addon does exactly what’s stated in the decription. It’s extremely unfair to say this addon is lousy, just because it isn’t another addon.
  • Custom search engines made simple. Very convenient.
  • Not work!
  • One of the most used Add-ons in my Firefox. Genuinely useful and offers real world productivity.

    Just 1 suggestion: can you add an option to toggle whether or not switch to the search result tab immediately?
    This functionality is supported. Just go to the addon settings and toggle the checkbox.
  • I just wanted to make this exact add-on, did some searching first to see if it already exists, and you saved me the work. :)
    Thanks for the add-on.
    Thanks! Feel free to contribute to the development if you have any suggestions for future features!
  • I love this add-on so much, but I don't understand why are you interested in access my data now.
    So, I didn't update it.
    What kind of data the extension will access? Why?
    I have created a section on the add-ons listing where I explain the different permission requirements. Let me assure you that this add-on doesn't "phone home". I couldn't care less about which sites you access. :) You can also check out the code if you don't trust me. I hope you'll enjoy the new features if you find the courage to trust me! :)
  • "Switch to search result tab immediately" does not work, you have to change to the new tab manually. However if you disable this option, close the Firefox browser, restart it, then enable this option, it will work.
    I'm sorry about this bug. I thought it was fixed in 2.0.1, but apparently not. It should be fixed in version 2.1. Thanks!
  • A great replacement for SmartSearch, thank you!

    Please add searching for hovered word!
    Also, currently it clashes with other default items in context menu which start with "S". Could we have a configurable hotkey, so that I can just right click, and then adjust my preferred search with keyboard?
    The WebExtensions API doesn't support adding hotkeys to context menus AFAIK. IF and when this will support it, I will happily add it. Thanks!
  • I mark the word "test" in https://www.google.de/search?q=test and search with the extension afterwards. It is working.
    Then I mark a word in the iframe of https://codepen.io/GBora/pen/VLYyzY and in the context menu it still looks for the word "test". The same thing, if I enter an editor with the address
    data: text / html, <html contenteditable> and type in xxxxx there and then search in the context menu, it is still looking for "test"
    The same also when i search something on site https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/context-search-we/

    With Firefox 59 all these things works correct. Could you please fix it in your wonderful extension?
    EDIT: post on https://github.com/NumeriusNegidius/Context-Search/issues/55
    This should be fixed in version 2.1.
  • Good replacement for Smart Search add-on but It would be perfect if it could search without having to first select the text/hyperlink like Smart Search could.

    Edit: It's working perfectly like I wanted. Thank you!!!!
  • The POST workaround does not work for some websites, mostly forums-type websites, wherein the search result URL does not show the text that was searched for OR if it has a random string generated in the URL along with the text, which changes with very search (kinda like a unique search ID).

    Other than that, its very intuitive to use and easy to add search engines to once you create the "Searches" bookmark folder. Can't get simpler than this.

    Its just for the lack of POST support that I am forced to use another extension called "ContextSearch web-ext", even though it is way more complex to set up and use than this one.
    Interesting that ContextSearch web-ext supports it! I'll look into how that's made possible!
  • Awesome, helps so much with efficiency. Was looking for a donate option.
  • Yesssss! This extension is a ''BEAST'' !! I love it....
  • Great! Goes a LONG way toward filling the shoes of the much-missed Web Search Pro. I echo an earlier request for the ability to search for hyperlink text without having to select it. FF Quantum can do it with its "Search Google for '...'" in the context menu, so it's obviously possible on the new platform. If you add that, you've got the perfect replacement for WSP and a very grateful and loyal supporter.
    The API for that is available in Firefox 60 (bug 1215376) and I intend to release a new version as soon as possible!

    Edit: it is released and ready for download.
  • very good!
    But I still have a question. How to show the search engine icon (like your sample picture)?
    My FF contextmenu icon is empty.
    Thank you!
    This should be supported by default, as long as the website has a favicon.
  • Very nice
  • Exactly what i need
  • Very good!

    I will give it 5 stars when it offers the ability to do a "site search", i.e., search for selected text on sites that don't have a search field.
  • Works fine for me - thanks a lot for this add-on!

    I have one suggestion: would it be possible to have a few favorite search engines show up directly in the right-click context menu (without the need to open the sub-folder)?

    I understand that context menu entries of web extensions are confined to the bottom of the context menu but still an option to have e.g. Wikipedia as a direct link "outside" the sub-menu would be awesome.
    Unfortunately, the API only grants 1 context menu entry per add-on. Nothing I can do about it...
  • Needs a little tinkering but works like a charm!

    The only suggestion I have is to allow to right-click on hyperlinks in texts and search for that text (to be clear: the displayed text of the hyperlink, not the url) instead of having to select that text with the mouse first, which is a bit cumbersome. An older add-on I used pre-57 also had this. Adding this would make this add-on perfect imho :)
    This is supported in version 2 and later. Enjoy!