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  • Perfect! The simplest solution is the best. I've tried other context search addons before and one very popular one crashed my browser every session. This addon is the best.
  • This extension helps me everyday! Thanks! | Каждый день это расширение помогает мне! Спасибо!
  • It didn't even try to import the search engines already available in my search box.
  • Brilliant! This is exactly what I needed.
  • Exactly what I was looking for! SmartSearch was my favorite extension and that's partly why I refused to switch to 57+ for over a year. :P
  • Context Search Origin is an excellent extension. It's much easier to use than Context Search which I had used previously. The concept of creating a Searches folder was a little confusing at first but now I understand exactly how it works. Sometimes, "Add a Keyword for this Search" doesn't appear in search boxes but I quickly learned how to handle that situation. Perhaps, that should be explained on the first page of instructions.
  • Thank you for bringing goodness back to Firefox.
  • I love this addon, it improves my workflow by a good 10~20%. Would you be able to look into making this for Chrome? I use both Firefox and Chrome and it'd be nice if I can use the same feature in Chrome as well.
  • Genial einfache Handhabung und Konfiguration. Ohne dieses Addon würde meinem Surfverghalten mit dem Fox was fehlen. Danke sehr.
  • Awesome, and I can save my search engines when I backup my bookmarks.. Thanks!
  • Great extension! I use it constantly. But any way to make it work on Thunderbird too?
  • Thanks so much. It is a pity that it doesn't support post searches
  • Great extension!
  • hao
  • The extention does excatly what adverts. Simple and powerful. I can easily search Google Play store.