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  • Voilà un piti module que l'on a toujours besoin dans le monde du Web mastering/Webdesigner !
    Une grande aide dans un petit module.
    Approuvé Global Network Live
  • "Super Awesome Tool"
  • useful tool for web designer. like it.
  • Like I mentioned in my previous review, FF5 in my Win7 Home Basic laptop kept disabling ColorZilla at startup. What I did is clean uninstall FF5 (completely remove FF with a 3rd party uninstaller, in my case with Revo Uninstaller Pro) and then reinstalled FF5 from scratch. Prior, I backed up my Mozilla profile and copied it back to the applications (Appdata Roaming) folder after the reinstall. At first launch, ColorZilla was again disabled, but letting FF update the add-on fixed the problem. After browser restart, ColorZilla is no longer disabled. So, if you are upgrading Firefox from an older version, it is highly recommended that you do not use the upgrade option. Instead, uninstall old version of FF and then do a clean install. Of course, you have to back up your Mozilla user profile first before doing the uninstall/reinstall. I hope this will help others.
  • It was compatible with FF5 when first restarted, but after that... not compatible anymore.. I duno why :(
  • Make compatible with Firefox 5.0.1, please.
  • used it for about 2 years now ... and this is the time to say THANK YOU !!
  • Thanks for this lean, yet powerful plugin. I have been using it to identify colors on websites. The best function is the "zoom" - without it, it would sometimes be hard to correctly pick a color (especially when there are gradients).

    5 out of 5 stars!
  • I mostly use Colorzilla for the basic eyedropper selection tool, but all the other features are very handy as well. Easy to use and gets the job done.
  • essential plugin.. nice !
  • Firstly, this addon is very useful, thanks a lot Alex.

    And here is the problem, I have this addon installing on all my 3 pcs, and they are all stop working which showing incompatible with firefox 5.

    Anyone know the solution?

    Many thanks
  • Great addon
  • Great add-on. I use it very often when I am creating little updates for any of my web sites. If I see a color I like or am trying to match something it's great.
  • ive been using this for about a year now and i must say that it just keeps getting better. love the new features.
  • Отличный плагин! Раньше пользовался бесплатной программкой Pixie, но зачем она теперь, если есть ColorZilla!
  • This is a wonderful add-on that just keeps getting better! I've been using it for quite a while now, and it's completely reliable. Highly recommended, and worth supporting.
  • It's a great plugin, but it has some issues with Firefox 4. I have the Add-On bar disabled, but whenever I use the Eyedropper tool (via keyboard shortcut or context menu) it gets enabled automatically, which is somewhat annoying. It's unnecessary because the plugin already displays the color information in a pop-out box at the bottom right corner.
  • bravo. good improvement from the last release.
  • For a web designer, this extension is a must have. Know the hex or rgb for any color on any website at any time. Fantastic!
  • This add on is super great best one available for FF4, However as other have mentioned you can't add it to a toolbar and are stuck using the add on bar at the bottom. it is the only thing keeping me from being add on bar free. :( 3 stars for now 5 stars when this gets fixed.
  • It is a great addon!

    But SpyDLLRemover says that colorzilla.dll could be a spy-app ...?
  • I love this add-on! It helps me with all kinds of artistic projects.

    I would like to be able to save my favorites as a permanent pallet, under a different name, though. I filled up the last one, and I wanted to keep it, but the new update (whether for ColorZilla or FF, I am not sure - both happened at the same time) made the whole thing disappear. I lost all those favi colors. Also, why can we not reorder the colors in the favorites palette so they line up the way we want them to, and not just in the order we discovered the colors?
  • When using this with FF4 it causes quite a few problems with the links. I guess an upgrade is in order. When I am not using the FF browser and independent color picker as PIXA (http://avantprime.com/products/view-product/1/pixa) is quite useful however.
  • Worked well in FF3.x but 2.5.5 doesn't work well in FF4. First it breaks open link in new window (opens blank page) and second I have to have add-on bar enabled to use it. Until both of problems are fixed i've stopped using ColorZilla
  • Because of the redesign of the layout in FF4, the status bar is pretty much unnecessary now. I have moved the icons for all my add-ons to a single toolbar at the top along with the bookmarks.

    Unfortunately, this add-on does not have an option to show its icon in a toolbar, i.e., there is no icon available to drag on to a toolabr. The only option is to show or not show in the status bar. Which means I need to keep the status bar visible just for this one add-on. Please allow this icon to be dragged onto a toolbar.

    Love the functionality.