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  • Simple and effective. A must for web developers and even more important if you are colorblind like me.
    I no longer have to ask my colleagues if i can borrow their eyes (not literally of course....although how cool would detachable eyes be lol).
    I really appreciate this add-on, has made my life a lot less stressful :)
  • This is a great plugin that I have been using for months now. Do not upgrade to 2.7 if you have FF version 3.6 still as it doesn't seem to work. The pre-2.7 version still works with the old browser, though.
  • Colorzilla is amazing, pick and use it on photoshop. its that easy. Try it!
  • I love ColorZilla. I can easily pick colors that i want when opening some webpages or images. Less time consuming when picking some colors on my old method i printscreen the webpage or save the image and open it a photoshop then selecting color with color picker then getting the hex code. Thank you for making this great add-on.
  • Colorzilla is very useful add-ons to pick up color code from image webpage
  • There isn't much I can say about this add-on. It's wonderful. It makes me feel like I have the powers of a chameleon in my hand. Huge colorful powers. Like a giant chameleon. A giant chamelon blending in anywhere I want because I can change my color to anything I can imagine, and some colors I can't imagine.

    I get to use the color picker like a giant sticky tongue, latching on to any color I want and copying it like an Internet pirate. Or if I am having trouble I can use my handy-dandy spyglass and zoom in so i can copy the perfect pixel of color. I mean, let's face it, not all pixels can be perfect. And you don't want to use some dull, weak-spectrum color. You want some vibrance, some saturation, something that will make you stare in awe as a giant pirate chameleon rampages through your city.

    Now I know what you are thinking, if it is an all-poweful chameleon, how can I see it? Simple, the eye-patch will give it away.
  • This is an absolutely fantastic add-on, a vital tool for web designers, and I have enjoyed using it. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with, and therefore disabled in, Firefox v. 13 (beta). I hope it can/will be updated soon. Meanwhile, I have installed it in Chrome, where it works well.
  • Colorzilla is my favorite add-on! It has saved me hundreds of dollars in software costs and made designing my sites so much easier and the time savings alone can't be calculated. It has so many options that I am only brushing the surface of what this robust add-on offers to users. I used ColorZilla to coordinate color schemes for my websites and my MS Office Professional 2010. I can save my schemes to "favorites" in ColorZilla which keeps me on task rather than taking time to figure out what "the color I used last time". Thank you for this fantastic add-on.
  • The best! No limit to know what color is.
    If you are a designer you really need this add-on.
  • This tool is part of my handy-box and a must have for all my firefox instances.
  • I love this add-on. It is, hands down, the best thing that ever happened to Firefox. I, for one, use this thing obsessively. If an alien was staring at me from outer space, they'd probably come to the conclusion that my heart would stop beating if I stopped clicking that tiny eyedropper icon.
    If you like colors, if you are a visual artist, if you make beautiful websites (or if you want to), if you wonder just how blue Facebook really is, or if your name is Steve, then get this add-on. You won't regret it.
  • Great tool for choosing colors for your web projects! I use it very often.
  • Very helpful addon. You can get the hex code of color on another web. I use this in develop website. :D
    I like the gradient feature, where u can generate css code to result gradient color. :D
    saving my time in search color when develop a website.
  • One of my essential Firefox plugins. Very useful for finding colour codes, web design etc. Have been using for years now without any problems.
  • Old version was perfect. You messed up the usability. Please use color picker with one like this
    or put this option also
  • As the title, does ColorZilla support Color converting function guys? Like from hex to RGB...
    If so could anyone give me an instruction, pls!!
    If not then should it be for being rockerrr? :D

  • Vraiment parfait pour obtenir la bonne couleur au bon endroit et sans problème.
  • Stopped working on 12.0a1 nightly builds (I wanted x64 support) However, after running across "Nightly Tester Tools" add-on, I was able to get ColorZilla working again and from what i can tell, it is working flawlessly and incorrectly being reported as incompatible with the v12 nightly builds.
  • colorzilla is a best addon for a webdeveloper. i like this addon very much because it is very useful to me.
  • Love this Add-On so much. Gradient tool is awesome :)
  • I'm not a serious web developer, but ColorZilla is a VERY useful tool for just about anyone. It's exactly what I was looking for--now customizing widget and blog colors to match themes is a breeze.
  • The zoom feature is nice but I will not be upgrading to FF8 or the new Colorzilla until I am able to preview a swatch of the color I am about to copy the code for like you could do in earlier versions.
    If you go to customize your tool bar and drag and drop the eyedropper icon onto the addon bar at the bottom of the screen then you get the swatch preview I was talking about.
  • The last update was AWESOME!! With the new "menu element" that can be moved, I'm no longer stucked in the Addon Bar on the bottom!!
  • I liked the add-on but when i found out it interfered with a app i paid for snag-it i will not use it again. it stopped snag-it to not capture at all except in region.
  • Good Plugin