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  • całkiem dobre narzędzie. nie jest super rozbudowane ale może dzięki temu jest doskonałe dla kogoś kto ma takie niewielkie potrzeby ja ja
  • I use it for color picking.. It is always my need.
  • This addon is great for those who don't have the time to reverse engineer the CSS/HTMLm to figure out what that one pesky background color is on the page. It also works on images too, which is great for creating matching CSS layouts.
  • Simply put, if you're building websites, this is a very useful addon. Colour picking is faster than looking up what hex value an element is set at, while looking up what exact colour value is an image is instantaneous.
  • Cómodo para trabajar con HTML.
  • I agree with Sergio Abreu's July 7, 2012 review. I'm giving this add-on 4 stars instead of 5 because the developer hasn't seen fit to fix the problem. If you want to detect the color of an element at the top of the page, the black bar prevents you from doing so. I can't believe so much time has passed and this has not been remedied. In a previous version, there was no such issue. Please Mr. Developer, follow the adage, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Any element at the top of my screen I need the color of, I have to do a screen cap and paste it into another program. A friend of mine mentioned this to the developer and this was last year so nothing was done. You can shorten the bar into a small box but guess what, you can't pick colors up that way. So, there are two things to remedy.
  • Brilliant way to quickly find the HTML colour of any part of a website or image. I use this to help design pages and themes etc. Could not live without it.
  • Very useful for quickly selecting colours from page elements.
  • Best color addon!
  • Dealing with colors on the web is difficult if there is no color picker at hand. This extension solved that issue. Whether picking colors for a website design or blending ad colors, it is very helpful
  • simple, efficace quand on cherche le pot de la bonne couleur pour son pinceau !
  • Useful addon for adjusting CSS, developing site templates and wordpress themes.
    I wonder if it could integrate with Firebug,like the famous Pagespeed and Yahoo Yslow addon.
  • Great tool for firefox and very easy to handle. 5 Stars!
  • Great tool! Easy to use and feature rich.
  • Отличное приложение для веб-разработчиков. Пользуюсь уже год.
    А еще оно помогает сформировать css для градиента. Это супер
  • Version 2.8 doesn't work with Firefox 3.6.28 (version 2.6.4 does work).
  • Мой самый любимый плагин! Спасибо автору!
  • Cool and very easy to use. Thanks!
  • I have FF 14.0.1 and I can't copy and paste online. When I go to paste, It's a color code.
  • While is it exciting to see what new css rules can do, I have no interest in going to the developer's web site so they can track every gradient I create. The base64 code makes me nervous too. Sadly I see this a lot in "open source" software, and people see so many license agreements, they might not really think about reading them. Will create my own tools instead. It's a nice "gee wiz" add on, but something I don't really need or want, especially if I am not connected to the internet (the tool does not work unless you go to their website). The developer looks like they put a lot of work in this. This is something you can learn to do on your own with a couple of days of practice, and this tool might help a lot of people doing that. Tools that are "browser add-ons" should not require connection to other web sites, because they cease being an "add on" and really function as marketing tools for clever web site operators. Par for the course with the "open software" movement? Sigh.
  • A developers Addon,
  • Because of the fixed black rectangle with information that is shown in the top of the page you can NOT copy any color behind it... How can we copy a color at top: 5px and left: center? Impossible, because your information black rectangle is OVER it. Please, remove that boring panel. We need to be able to copy any desired point of the page, no area of it should be ocuppied by the tool...
  • Extremely useful for developers!
  • Love this add-on and couldn't live without it.
    I recently encountered a small bug with ColorZilla and was very pleased to see that the developer was both very responsive and very helpful.

    (For those who may experience the same bug :
    Description: after using the colorpicker, the cursor remained stuck on crosshair when hovering on various parts of the Firefox UI (mainly the tabs and the main menu).
    Solution: in the ColorZilla Options, I changed the statusbar format to something simpler (just %rgb%), restarted Firefox and the bug was gone. I was then able to restore the statusbar format to its previous setting, restarted Firefox again (to be sure) and the bug didn't come back.)
  • Colorzilla can give me a fast color capture on website. Give me easy way to decide which color I should use for my web project. Great tools. Thank you very much.