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  • I use this all the time for color adjustments on my site. It is nearly perfect. My only (small) issue is that the color picker lags. If this is fixed, this add-on would be absolutely perfect. Still, I love it.
  • really nice
  • Love it, very useful for web designers, thanks for the great addon!
  • Very useful for creating color effects gradient in web designing. I would like to recommend to use this tool to all web designers and web developers.
  • great color extractor
  • A must have for web developers. I find myself using this tool many times when building websites.
  • Very useful when designing websites.
  • Pretty usefull to manage a website and keep your corporate identity safe. I recommend.
  • A+ addon. My webdesigner life without ColorZilla means nothing:)
  • Mindblowing,amazing,Superb

    Great for css editing.Thank you developers.
  • Its superhoverer the gradient feature makes you go to their website. It would be better of to not have this feature at all. I makes us unable to choose how we do our computing, and might track us on the web.
  • It's perfect to make Css !!
    I LOVE it !!
  • Excellent!! I use it to match all the colors in my websites.
  • One of the most useful essentials!
  • Part of my arsenal of web development tools. Great plugin
  • Great tool for picking your favorite color from any web pages and know its color values. Must have tool for all web designers.
  • Its amazing, every designer must-have tool on FF !!
  • amazing tool, rich functionality, amust have for all designers
  • Helped a lot while developing new themes.
  • I'm working webdesign and this colorzilla add-ons help me and saved my time to chose the color for my clients.
    Thank you Mozilla for grate addons.
  • I use this tool all the time. Especially when I need to set an html color to match an image color.
  • thanks for the developers for Colorzilla, it is a very useful plugin and one of the reasons why I prefer Mozilla browser too!
  • Thanks for building such a great add-on, I was looking for something like this.
  • The black box with color information might get in the way when selcting stuff under it. But when that happens i fire up Gimp or something and get the color directly. Anyway, 5 stars. :)
  • great plugin for catching colours from website you watch, and so on...