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  • Although the extension says it's signed, I'm seeing this alert in the FF list: "ColorZilla could not be verified for use in Firefox." I think that means it will break soon... are other users seeing this in their Add-Ons page (extensions list)?
  • A truly stunning extension in every sense. View colours using every method (hex, rgb) and even set the copy-to-clipboard as lowercase. Incredible.
  • As a student who has various web development tasks to do this is a very useful extension. Works well and as intended.
  • so far from what ive seen, no bugs very useful... especially how it copies colours to clipboard
  • great tool
  • It works pretty well, but zero work has been done to update it for the Australis UI. The dropdown arrow no longer works and the only way to pop up the color picker screen is to double click the arrow, which isn't very obvious. Would be nice to see a proper update.
  • Je me donne l'occasion de remercier les concepteurs de ColorZilla pour avoir facilité à ce point mon travail - depuis le temps.
  • I am a backend developer; not a designer. But most web developers have to work on both frontend and backend. I can't figure out colors by just looking at them. But I know what I like so this tool is great for getting information on a color you see on the internet.
  • Muito eficiente! Parabéns.
  • Nice tool
  • Such ease of use and decent layout!

    Brilliant stuff!
  • it's great tool.
  • Thanks!
  • I've docked 1 star because no work seems to have been done to make it compatible with the new FF right hand menu in the new Australis UI even though it's been in development for more than a year. The sub-menu is overlapped by other items and so is inaccessible meaning I'm subjugated to having to continue to use the lowly status bar placement. This is the one and only item that still needs it so it's a PITA.
  • I use this all the time for color adjustments on my site. It is nearly perfect. My only (small) issue is that the color picker lags. If this is fixed, this add-on would be absolutely perfect. Still, I love it.
  • really nice
  • Love it, very useful for web designers, thanks for the great addon!
  • Very useful for creating color effects gradient in web designing. I would like to recommend to use this tool to all web designers and web developers.
  • great color extractor
  • A must have for web developers. I find myself using this tool many times when building websites.
  • Very useful when designing websites.
  • Pretty usefull to manage a website and keep your corporate identity safe. I recommend.
  • A+ addon. My webdesigner life without ColorZilla means nothing:)
  • Mindblowing,amazing,Superb

    Great for css editing.Thank you developers.
  • Its superhoverer the gradient feature makes you go to their website. It would be better of to not have this feature at all. I makes us unable to choose how we do our computing, and might track us on the web.