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  • Hi, I rated 5, because it's really useful addon, but seems like have some bugs with Firefox +52 (i tested on Developer Edition & Nightly), Issue: only inspect whole body, not elements or other areas.
  • Хорошее приложение , но блокирует многопоточность в браузере
  • Great! For the Future: hoping for a version compatible to multiprocess FF (e10s)...
  • A very useful program for graphics and color designers. The best one,I dare say!
  • Same problem with h34d4k3, but sometimes only, similar problem when using "rainbow" plugin, but rainbow is the worst.
    I'm using ubuntu 14.04 and firefox 47.0
  • Lot's of features but the essential one didn't work. I can't pick a color from the page, only from the browser chrome... The add-on says the whole page is white, so I assume this is a bug. Tested in Ubuntu, firefox dev edition.
  • After installing and using ColorZilla for a little bit, this add-on proves to be quite handy for all things COLOR on the web. From selecting/matching colors from a certain website to generating custom gradients, ColorZilla does a lot!

    Pros: I was quite impressed with the DOM Color Analysis that will pull the colors from a website and create a palette that you can then refer to and use.
    A drop-down appears when using the eyedropper and it is both full of useful information and non intrusive.

    Cons: The only really big con that stuck out at me was when I went to open the Color Picker, the window was not sized properly :( I am not sure the zoom functionality is really a necessary part of this add-on as zoom functionality is built into Firefox.

    It is quite obvious the amount of work that has gone into this project.

    The one thing I was going to say would be a nice addition would be the ability to set a keyboard shortcut for the eyedropper, but hey look at that, it is there underneath the options drop-down!

    Overall runs smoothly and has become a very neat addition to my set of Firefox tools!
  • Отличное приложение. Распознает любой цвет
  • Thank you for the latest update, which removed the message "ColorZilla could not be verified for use in Firefox". Keep up the good work!
  • When try run color picker I get this error:
    IndexSizeError: Index or size is negative or greater than the allowed amount colorzillaOverlay.js:498:0
    Any chance to fix it?
  • I like this add-on very much. The easiest way for me to pick colors from any site. Great job! Thank you!
  • Although the extension says it's signed, I'm seeing this alert in the FF list: "ColorZilla could not be verified for use in Firefox." I think that means it will break soon... are other users seeing this in their Add-Ons page (extensions list)?
  • A truly stunning extension in every sense. View colours using every method (hex, rgb) and even set the copy-to-clipboard as lowercase. Incredible.
  • As a student who has various web development tasks to do this is a very useful extension. Works well and as intended.
  • so far from what ive seen, no bugs very useful... especially how it copies colours to clipboard
  • great tool
  • It works pretty well, but zero work has been done to update it for the Australis UI. The dropdown arrow no longer works and the only way to pop up the color picker screen is to double click the arrow, which isn't very obvious. Would be nice to see a proper update.
  • Je me donne l'occasion de remercier les concepteurs de ColorZilla pour avoir facilité à ce point mon travail - depuis le temps.
  • I am a backend developer; not a designer. But most web developers have to work on both frontend and backend. I can't figure out colors by just looking at them. But I know what I like so this tool is great for getting information on a color you see on the internet.
  • Muito eficiente! Parabéns.
  • Nice tool
  • Such ease of use and decent layout!

    Brilliant stuff!
  • it's great tool.
  • Thanks!
  • I've docked 1 star because no work seems to have been done to make it compatible with the new FF right hand menu in the new Australis UI even though it's been in development for more than a year. The sub-menu is overlapped by other items and so is inaccessible meaning I'm subjugated to having to continue to use the lowly status bar placement. This is the one and only item that still needs it so it's a PITA.