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  • I had over 1322 duplicate bookmarks because of a syncornisation error and this simple addon did the job in less than a minute.
    Simple design, easy to use and a top recommendation !
  • Crashes constantly. Never removes more that 50 dupes at a time before crashing. Very frustrating.
  • really helpful
  • Awesome and fast UI for selecting duplicates in one go, and just one click to delete... Really appreciate that only bookmark editing permissions were required! Suggested improvement: deletion process is slow with lots of disk usage (read/writes). Perhaps add option to process the deletion entirely in RAM?
  • Mooolto bello, mooolto semplice da usare. CONSIGLIATISSIMO. Da migliorare la grafica per la quinta stella.
  • Very simple, easy and straight to the point!
  • Saved me hours of sorting after the xmarks sync bug that duplicated countless bookmarks.

    Thank you!
  • Firefox 67.0a1, Windows 10. Нельзя выделить сразу все найденные результаты, приходиться выделять по одному. Пустые папки находит, закладки с одинаковыми URL тоже.
    The first claim seems to be incorrect:
    There is a button to select all bookmarks. Also many other combinations of bookmarks can be selected by just pressing a single button.

    If these buttons should not work, please report a bug.
  • Bookmark Dupes removed over thirteen thousand* duplicate bookmarks in about ten minutes. The multi-select is awesome. Remove all but the newest, for example.

    My only regret is that it doesn't *seem* to support merging the contents of folders with the same names. After deleting empty folders, I have two hundred folders remaining with various different assortments of bookmarks in them, but most of the folder names are duplicated over five times :)

    *-(Some people might be wondering how I ended up with so many duplicates to begin with. Xmarks and to a lesser extent Sync had some problems merging bookmark sets with large numbers of changes between different computers. A few browser crashes while syncing didn't help. That led to huge amounts of bookmark and folder duplication.)
    > merging the contents of folders with the same names

    Merging/Removing duplicate bookmark *folders* is IMHO a rather different task than removing bookmarks.
    (Actually, I consider already the option to "move" instead of removing the bookmarks a questionable feature.) It would require a completely different UI.
    Currently, it is not implemented, and I have neither plans nor time to implement it (if somebody really wants to implement it, please contact me by pm or on github.)

    Concerning the bug that the moving does copying instead of moving: I cannot reproduce it.
    Technically, it uses this function https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/bookmarks/move and if this does not do the claimed thing, I would say it is a firefox bug (which should be reported to firefox), or perhaps you have some strange folder which is e.g. immediately re-filled by some other extension or something similar I cannot reproduce.
    But it seems that this part was removed from your comment, so perhaps you could not reproduce either.
    If you can, please report details about the bug on github (or send me a pm).
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin, very simple but extensible.