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  • The absence of an "options" button on the Firefox add ons page is absolutely maddening. I have to go on a ridiculous work-around to make changes to my blocklist. If it weren't for this, this would be a 5-star add on.
    Hi, all you have to do is click the extension icon and then click the settings icon at the top right corner. Then you can easily change your block list. If you still need help please write us at support@blocksite.co
  • Even though I am procrastinating a little bit, it is worth it to offer some praise to this extension. Its creators did a good job in making something that's elegant and offers a tool to keep yourself accountable to your work. If you're supposed to be working, get this extension! (grateful mention to the Youtube channel "Hafu Guo" who recommended this extension). This does not hack your computer--you can turn it off--but if you install this, it is a good way to remind the weaker side of you not to procrastinate, or waste time, in the virtual void.

    kudos, to the creators.
    Thank you for your review!
  • Blocks the site, but still let's google generate it as a result. Another useless waste of time.
  • Funciona muy bien. Bloquea todo el contenido que quieras y permite bloquear palabras clave en la url (lo que es muy útil si quieres bloquear Google y todos sus subdominios). Además, permite exportar la lista de sitios bloqueados.

    No obstante, le pongo una estrella porque uno de los permisos permite darle la capacidad de "Almacenar una cantidad ilimitada de datos en el lado del cliente"
  • It did what it said it would do but oddly enough it's getting picked up by my Malwarebytes scan as a threat and removed it.
    So I'm not sure what to think about that.
    Hey, thanks for your review. BlockSite doesn’t contain any viruses or malware. We have been removed from the Malwarebytes list of harmful sites. Please contact us at support@blocksite.co if you have any questions.
  • Works with Firefox under Mojave (Mac OS 10.14.1). Helps me with focusing by keeping me away from distractions.
  • it protected all bad sites, even if I had to add them myself.
  • Great rework of the software. Nice pictures. Remove the spit on grandma's mouth though, please. That would be 5 starts. Then come the privacy implications...
  • Radical.
    Thanks for your review!
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  • thing good