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  • Simply the best password manager, most secure and light on resources
  • A quick review.
    Bitwarden worked perfectly on my first laptop. Ive just synchronised to my 2nd machine and it flawlessly updated.

    In summary.
    Bitwarden is now part of my base toolkit. Use with confidence.
    I like the multi choice for websites where i have multi accounts.
  • Everything is OK. But only one feature missing which is available on lastpass is generating new password without the usage of right click. For this reason I have to switch back again to lastpass, coz some banking sites doesn't permit right click.
    We have a keyboard shortcut for this. `Ctrl + Shift + 9`
  • thanks a lot .. for this app--story


    Просто скопируйте адрес и введите в адресную строку (располагается в самом верху браузера) для перенаправления! на страницу на сайт

    1)Переходите на сайт.
    3)Нанимайте гномов, они будут добывать руду.
    4)Руда будет накапливаться, относите ее на склад.
    5)Перерабатывайте руду и получайте золото.
    6)Обменивайте золото на реальные деньги, либо нанимайте больше гномов, чтобы они приносили Вам еще больше прибыли!
  • Until last week I used paper sheets in my wallet for all logins, passwords and so on.
    Often used logins I memorized. This extensions is handy and I trust it. So I installed it on almost all my devices.
  • Da sollen sich Lastpass & Co. warm anziehen! Bitwarden ist open source, günstig fair und wirklich gut umgesetzt. Ich bin nach jahrelanger Nutzung von Lastpass auf Bitwarden umgestiegen und nutze Bitwarden nun ca. 2 Monate und bin total zufrieden und fühle mich wohler als bei Lastpass.
  • Great experience so far after having switch from LastPass in search of an open source alternative. The functionality is pretty much identical with some of what is part of LastPass premium being free here, but the converse is also true. For example, you have to pay to get the desktop app with LastPass, but it's free here. On the other hand, LastPass reports on weak and reused passwords for free, but it's part of the paid option with Bitwarden.
  • I used to use LastPass, decided to switch to a nice open source password manager. Cue Bitwarden being my pick and me being 100% happy with my choice! I can't rate it highly enough, nor recommend it enough. Generate a 7 word long passphrase using diceware as your master password and generate 128 character long passwords for all your websites.
  • Not hard to use Beautiful