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  • Adblock plus blockiert, aber es funtktioniert bei vielen Websits nicht, ihn zu deaktivieren. Das nervt inzwischen so sehr, daß ich dieses Add-on leider entfernen werde.
    = Adblock plus works, but I can't manage do deactvate it on certain websites. This has been annoying me so much, that I'll deinstall adblock plus.
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  • Been using this for years and it's great. Just refeshed Firefox as it was getting slow and the latest version of adblocker wouldn't install. I went back one version to 3.4 and thankfully that loaded OK.
  • Use uBlock Origin instead.
  • good one
  • 私はABPとGhosteryを併用しています。






    私はFirefox QuantumにABPとGhosteryを導入して同時併用しています。
  • I've always used this on both Chrome and Firefox since the early days, nonetheless to say, it's the best extension ever made, especially for YouTube!
  • Excellent. I use it more then 2 years
  • tanks you!!
  • bom
  • I installed this extension just to stop the annoying apple youtube ads, you can't skip.
  • Very good add-on, but recently it's ceased to work with Thunderbird due to upgrade to version 60. When the add-on become compatible? Ask the developers, please.
  • После каждого обновления мой список фильтров пуст.
  • I tried many ad blockers and this is the best. It remembers what you blocked, and it's easy to UN-block things as well. Well Done!
  • ブロック漏れがあっても簡単にフィルターに追加できるのが素晴らしい
  • С недавних пор не блокирует рекламу вконтакте. Я понимаю, что это пидоры с мылору опять что-то придумали. Но надо бы и авторам блокировщика подтянуться.
  • Poor version for Android. Ublock Origin much better. Ublock Origin currently has the most functionality. That's why I abandoned Adblock Plus.
  • Best as NoScript.
  • супер блокиратор
  • Very good
  • The adblock plus extension is the best out there to use. It is a really good adblocker and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to block annoying ads.
  • cool
  • After installing this sh*t i've got multiply pop-ups while using Fierefox. Be careful!
    Hi there! This is certainly not expected behavior. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Can you send us the URLs where you experienced this to support@adblockplus.org? We'd be happy to investigate further.

    ABP Support Team
  • it works
  • couldnt have been more hepful in tryin to read the contents of a webpage