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  • Unfortunately, I have not found a good manual for the app. I do not really understand the 'help' at http://lingvo.org/abctajpu.
    Basically, I find the idea of Esperanto good, but the user interface should be in English, because a lot more people understand that. It would be even better to offer different languages. I would like to help with a translation into German.
    At the moment it is frustrating to figure out how to use the app properly.
  • Windows10x64, Firefox63x64:

    Functionality is ultimately broken since Quantum.

    Now "User Defined Macros" are completely destroyed.

    Declaration of alt-k binding is false. Just false.
    Alt-c is effective in very rare occasions.

    All and every non-favourite languages form-up a kilometre-tall menu that is mostly unusable.

    And esperanto hints here-and-there are plain derision and humiliation of a user.

    Fixes are urged:
    1) repair alt-x to work everywhere
    2) repair alt-k whatever it does. I never had a chance to know-out what it is supposed to do
    3) repair user macros
    4) replace entire history of humankind languages with the only favourite languages for pop-up.

    Until then this add-on is useless.

    Example of broken websites: web.whatsapp.com, slack.com, wikipedia.org, ... most of sites. And addons.mozilla.org here too.
    Macros are mostly default: https://justpaste.it/6xnpm
    Alt-K is not reserved in Windows10Firefox64, it just fails to work.
    "fr, de, es" defines a killometre-tall popup with all letters possible.
    Since Quantum all extensions in Firefox are standard web extensions, which means some functions are no longer available (for example smooth abcTajpu inserting into the address bar or search box ). That said, macros do work for the websites I tested on (and tested on Windows 10, Windows 7, Android). Please check the format is good a=b|c=d etc, and if still a problem send me a URL to test on. Some (complex) sites do interfere with abcTajpu (alt-k and especially alt-x), so it can't be expected to work everywhere (but at least the clipboard should get populated).

    Alt-k just starts the popup (which is the same as pressing the green abcTajpu button on the toolbar). Firefox can't yet remap keys, so if alt-k is already assigned then pressing the button is all you've got.

    Favourite languages can be configured in the third options entry by putting a comma separated list of language codes, for example for French and Spanish enter fr, es (note there is a space after the comma).
  • Unfortunatelly does not seem to work with google docs, anything I might be doing wrong or does it actually not work there?
  • Superb. Full access to every UNICODE letter there is (that I can tell at least) from right-click menu. Very well done.

    Minus one due to reduction in symbols that used to be available in the older version - these were really useful, would like to see them reinstated.
  • Hi, Thanks for this great AddIn!

    Only thing i miss since the "newer" Versions: The MES2XX signs. (eg the Zodiac-Signs)
    Or am I only to blind to find them?
  • I don't know what changed, but it updated and suddenly I can't use the INS shortcut, and I can't configure it because the menu cuts off and the instructions are unclear. Typing [letter][accent], then typing INS and having the accent 'jump' onto the letter, was WAY easy and I really wish that feature would come back, because I got used to using it.
  • Is it still possible to chose your own Hot-Key ? I looked for it, but was unable to find out how.
    By pressing alt-K the abctajpu popup will appear, and if the first checkbox is ticked (⚡) then you go straight to the first text entry box (for macros) and when you enter a valid macro the popup automatically closes and the macro expansion is inserted into the page. For example if the abctajpu options defines macro c=ĉ and the ⚡ is ticked, then typing alt-k c will insert a ĉ. The choice of alt-k should be configurable by the Firefox brower itself (it's easy to find in Chrome, but seems to be missing in current Firefox). Also, due to Firefox bug 1324255, instead of typing alt-k c, you currently have to type alt-k tab tab c (hopefully this will be fixed soon). Note that Firefox on Android works a little differently.
  • I am so sorry to see that this addon is shortly to be replaced, as I fear that the new version lacks the context menu system of the original. The alternative is a 'virtual keyboard', for which there are any number of alternative addons - and indeed browsers. To be plain, the menu-driven abcTajpu is one of the only reasons I still use Firefox.
    The next version of Abctajpu will soon be released, it will work in Firefox 57+, and will have many of the context menus. (The experimental Abctajpu2 is no longer used.)
  • I installed this add-on in the hope that it would allow me to type what few letters that I needed to type that I couldn't type with my US international Key board, specifically the Esperanto ^ letters and the Welsh ^ vowels for w and y.

    I couldn't get it to do a thing at first, but *then* I discovered the right click function, hence the title of this review.

    It should be alright now, I just need to get it to do all of the Hungarian letters.
    Thanks. And sorry for the frustration. I've updated the description at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/abctajpu/ to include a quick start paragraph.

    There is a Hungarian (Magyar) menu, with 9 accented letters - if any letters are missing do please let me know.
  • Wow! How could you push all that unicodes into an add-on?!
    It would make everything possible even if I had nothing.
  • There is a trick to make abcTajpu 1.8.3 work for Thunderbird. Go to:

    Tools > abcTajpu > Options

    In the big white space change what is in there to i.e.:


    Now the Alt+F2 should work again for German. Do what you have to do for your language.
  • It is a great add-on. Unfortunately, in 1.7.9 the INSERT hot key only works in Gmail/Firefox when the letter to be accented is preceded by a space. If this is what you used abcTajpu for, then adding accents has become a real chore. Otherwise, it's really good, because it solves the problem to add accents when the keyboard does not have the corresponding keys. The INSERT hot key is by far the best method I've come across.
  • I've used this plugin for a long time, and it was working very well with older versions of thunderbird. But with 16.0.1 it's become practically unusable: it's so slow that you can't type without erasing what you've already typed. This was mentioned by another user. I'm really bummed because I used to love this extension...
  • Would be even better if it had more lucid help and if it dynamically converted the traditional on-line Esperanto x suffix for the special letters cx, gx, hx, jx, sx, ux ... because it's pretty easy to do and second lots of folk habitually type that way having acquired the habit prior to neat tools like htis ;-).
    If you want the Esperanto x typing method, I recommend http://lingvo.org/xk which can be used by Firefox and most other programs on Windows. For for abcTajpu help, see http://lingvo.org/abctajpu
  • Thanks for incorporating the fixes for SeaMonkey 2, Aaron!

    Great job. Highly recommended for anyone who has to compose in multiple languages.
  • Thank God my absolute must have add-on (since I'm Hungarian) works again with T-bird! (10.0; windows 7, 64-bit)
  • Very helpful and streamlined. I couldn't imagine a more effective way to type accents with an American keyboard. The Internet is fun again, now that I can type in various languages! Thank you for making this!
  • Very useful, but as mentioned - it stopped to work in Thunderbird 8. But for this particular case - the following solution can be applied:


    and we can have joy of use this tool in further versions of Mozilla software.
  • It is usefull... especially with Thunderbird where we need to type a lot. Logical for a messaging/emailing tool ! ;^)
    But it doesn't work anymore with Thunderbird version 8 or more. Is there a chance to have it fixed ?

    I hope...
  • abcTajpu ayóó shíł yá'á'tééh, ahéhee'
  • This thing is awesome, so easy to use, I really like the hot keys or shortcuts, they have made my life so much easier. ¡Gracias!
  • Thank you kindly for posting your review, Onihikage! I had really missed this extension, and now it is working just fine with Thunderbird Version 6.0.1. Appreciate your input!