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  • I can download any video (non-live) from YouTube and specify my preferred quality (1080p-144p, depending on source video) and choose where I want it stored. That's all I ever wanted. It's perfect!

  • demasiado problema para instalarlo

  • Sencillo, varias opciones y formato original, sin marcas de agua. Muy práctico.

  • This add-on works as expected. Unfortunatelly, it doesn't allow downloading audio and video separately (1080p video and its corresponding audio streams, for example), at least, not without downloading third party software, what is just NOT HAPPENING.

    I also discovered that another add-on does just what I wanted, it has an option to show the separate high resolutions files for downloading, without needing any third party spyware.

  • der schnellste

  • I dislike how it doesnt allow download of mp3 files, and am not really sure if i trust it with all the data it requires (follow across tabs, access browsing history etc)

  • es muy practica

  • As of today - no longer works. The button is not visible anymore.
    I have re-installed now several times - same result.
    Then tried tthe option to "download to the Firefox 'default' location /your automatic/where I had to create a folder.
    Well, that location does not exist, searched the entire computer [also as administrator] - zero - zilch.

    It worked yesterday - today it does not work at all anymore :(
    Sorry for the one star - this was always a 5 star add-in. But something happened. I suspected at first maybe google starts restricting even that now on youtube - but that is not the case. I tested it on 4 different computers - same result.

  • Sicuro, affidabile, scarica tutto, scarica in diversi formati, facile da usare. Impossibile fare di più. Lo consiglio

  • great plug in

  • 쩐다~ 대박나라~

  • spoiled all the youtube markup

  • Install to Fireox - check
    Play YouTube video - check
    Click on non-existent red down-arrow - huh?
    I've reinstalled add-on three times and restarted software and then restarted computer.

  • Ein sehr guter und einfacher Downloader.

  • Не върши работа.Който и клип да се опитах да сваля, като натисна Download (с линковете от долу според различното качество) всички те ми излизат, като (0 bytes) и наистина файлът, който плъгинът тегли е някакъв много малък и изобщо не е песен, а само прилича.

  • Ползвам го откакто съществува.
    Много съм доволен.

  • very good

  • It's CPU eater! Beware!

  • lo uso a diario, mejor no existe, jeje

  • Soo good and easy to use

  • Whats up with the CPU usage? Even when doing nothing this plugin uses a lot of CPU time!
    Beware, maybe there is a miner running, nothing else makes sense...

  • Works, but needs improving.

    1) It requires too many permissions. Most of them don't seem to be neccesary for adding a download link into a page.
    2) Please add 1080p+ download support. I know YT provides 1080p in two separate streams, but it's childishly simple to mux them together after downloading both.
    3) Please add the download button in the Firefox button bar. Modifying the HTML that YT spews out is asking for maintenance hell, which WILL happen.

  • Atende as minhas necessidades quando preciso baixar vídeos do youtube ou quando preciso de um arquivo EM mp3.

  • Thanks

  • Hey! Your plugin does not work! You placed button under youtube "like" and "unlike" keys, so, when you try to press :"download", you simply make like or unlike, and nothing download. This problem appears often, now I cannot download nothing.