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  • This add-on has stopped working. I now receive a "Bad Gateway" error.

  • Does not work. It claims it shortens and can copy the new shortened URL, but when we try to paste, there is nothing there to paste. Nothing was shortened and nothing got copied so there was nothing to paste.

  • I've been using 1-Click Shorten URL for about a month. It's a little clunky, since it depends on services provided by the dev's own web site. As of today, it first became glacially slow, then finally stopped working altogether (throws out a 502 Bad Gateway error). I wish I could find an extension that uses goo.gl and that actually works (I've tried the goo.gl URL extension, but it doesn't copy anything to the clipboard, despite claiming to do so).

    Sigh. I guess this is life in a Quantum world...

  • what a load of crap. too convoluted. too much work to shorten a url. too many steps needed to get it to work
    deleted 5 minutes after installing

    Ответ разработчика

    Please try us again we have improved speed to make things instant.

  • Does exactly what it says on the box! Great app!

  • description is a bit confusing, since it needs 2 clicks and opening another page to get the link into clipboard. there u can paste+copy multiple links.

  • Love it

  • Double thumbs up! Absolutely love this!

  • Useful.

  • Best extensions out there

  • Perfect!

  • Easily beats TinyURL

  • This extension is one of the fastest ways to shorten a link and is in my opinion superior to the offerings of other prominent URL shorteners like Google and Bit.

  • Awesome!

  • shortening URL never been simpler!

  • Worked as planned, Great Plugin

  • Only thing it does is open a page of 1clickurl

  • This is one of the best extension ever. The reason is because it has everything I needed and it worked really well and gave no problems. Two thumbs up!

  • I'm so glad I found this! Not only it is good and efficient, but it does an amazing job. It makes things so much easier for be so THANK YOU! I really love it.

  • fantastic

  • Highly Rated

  • I don't have to click again to copy the link to my clipboard. Such a simple, yet indispensable feature that many other extensions lack.

  • fantastic

  • nice

  • Love it. The ability to get a short URL, and a QR label at the same time is a time saver