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  • hasn't worked on any website in years do I don't know why it's still listed. Currently using Firefox 52 though it didn't work on any prior versions either going back to 35!
  • Savings
  • No longer works on any version of Firefox I've used in the last 2 years. They haven't even responded to my last few support requests. Doesn't work with or without ad blockers. Whitelisted in NoScript. There doesn't seem to be any reason it shouldn't be working. Works in Chrome only best I can tell so why even have it on Mozilla's addons?
  • Whenever I shop I always look at the PriceBlink bar to see if I can find a better price. Some of my neighbors (old people) use the PC's in the break room to price things then come to my apt. to see if there is a better price.. My neighbor has Amazon Prime and whenever he tells me he bought something, I check also and PriceBlink always finds a better price with free shipping and no tax (I don't say a word). Never tried any other app for price checking.
  • Great add on! Has been really usefulsince I forst downloaded it. Would recommend if you're looking to save.
  • The most irritating thing about PriceBlink is that it ONLY works with their selection of online stores. When I do my own search of other stores I often find lower prices on a product, but those stores never appear using PriceBlink.

    Also, using the latest versions of Firefox, if I try to reduce the Pricelink bar at the top of a page by clicking the X on the right of the bar, it now produces a "Clickjacking warning and the bar remains.

    I've had this extension active for over a year, and with their listed stores, versus my own research, I have yet to find a better price with PriceBlink, so I am removing it.
  • Good
  • Great prices
  • 好用
  • Places a green FREE SHIPPING tag under every entry of a Google search page. Hardly useful!
  • It is excellent on showing vouchers everywhere, even on sites not meant to, as UK and US, like Aliexpress, but that is all it shows for me. No price comparison, no reviews, even on e-Bay or Amazon. It only does one of its three main functions, so if I give it two stars I am already giving more than one third for each function. With so many people saying it works, it must have a bug and it is useless for me.
  • Does not work OK in Amazon to me. I didn't like having it activated all the time in a super obstructive way.
  • I love this app. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in the last couple years, without a doubt.
  • I am an electronics junkie, and Price Blink saves me massive amounts of time hunting around the Internet for products. Most of its alternate prices are spot on!
  • I never shop on-line without this app. It is "The Best"!
  • Have used PriceBlink add-on for years and it's saved me plenty, a wonderful quick check source when shopping for computer part (and I'm sure many other items though this is what I normally use it for). Have refined my add-ons over time but this one still makes the cut..Highly recommended for the serious shopper
  • PriceBlick has been a great way to make sure I get the best deals on various things, from computer parts to household items. Normally, I'll just browse wherever I'm most comfortable for the good in questions (Monoprice, Newegg, Amazon, etc), and let PriceBlick show me if there's a better deal on another site, sometimes things like Rakuten or B&H, which I don't browse frequently, yet save me a lot of money nonetheless.

    My only issues with it are that (1) sometimes it prioritizes eBay listings, which I'm normally not interested in, and (2) sometimes it seems to not be able to find some items on competing sites--a problem I mostly have while browsing for computer parts on Amazon.

    But despite these minor flaws, I wholeheartedly recommend PriceBlink to anyone intersted in getting the best browsing experience and the best price. =)
  • Saves me money all the time and I'm not kidding. Love it!
  • I love Price Blink!! Four years with this app has saved me hundreds of dollars and saved me hours of trying to find a better prices, retailers and shipping.
  • fantastic, finds lowest prices for items and then shows the link.
  • This add-on has save me a lot of money; I just wish it worked on all sites.
  • This add on does exactly what it claims to do. Over the past year it has saved me a "lot" of money.
  • I've had multiple experiences where the price listed by PriceBlink has been more than doubled by shipping costs that PriceBlink failed to account for. If you can't give a final price, it shouldn't be at the top of the list. That should encourage sites to be more cooperative in making shipping easily accessible from the plugin.
  • Firenze
  • I've used this extension for quite some time and always loved it but the last update has made this thing rather intrusive. Constantly getting a popup that says it's powered by Bing and wants to be my default search engine. I believe it's bogging down my browser also since the last update. Thinking now of removing it, which is a shame since it's actual purpose of price comparison was good on it's own. I blame Bing.
    We'd really like to help you get this issue resolved. You should only see that popup one time and never again. So obviously something is not working properly. Do you mind contacting me directly and we can work through getting this issue resolved? My email address is dbaldwin@priceblink.com. Thanks in advance and we apologize for any hassle this has caused.