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  • Return support for past versions, at least with Firefox 56.0.2
    Because many use older versions of the "Firefox" browser.
    Screenshot ➜ https://i2.imageban.ru/out/2019/08/31/89cc705fc00505122dc374bb99cc99a1.jpg
    Верните поддержку прошлых версий, хотя бы с Firefox 56.0.2
    Так как многие пользуются старыми версиями браузера "Firefox".
    Скриншот ➜ https://i2.imageban.ru/out/2019/08/31/89cc705fc00505122dc374bb99cc99a1.jpg
  • Es ist einfach perfekt.
  • This is the best addon that could ever be made. I wouldn't think how awful would be internet without this addon. Thanks for this wonderful addon.
  • I find the NoScript Security Suite invaluable for the security and privacy reasons, but lately I've been having quite a few problems with some white list entries being deleted every now and then, so I have to re-allow the top level domains in order for them to function properly. What is the catch and how do I get rid of this problem?
  • So for so Great! Thanks for your help
  • this is great.. i can kill scripts now.... haha