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Developer Information
Name SitePoint
Utilizator din Oct. 29, 2008
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Add-ons I've created

CodeBurner for Firebug Requires Restart

CodeBurner is a Firefox add-on that integrates with Firebug, to extend it with reference material for HTML and CSS.

Evaluată cu 3 din 5 stele (35)
15.207 utilizatori

CodeBurner for Firefox Requires Restart

Provides searchable reference information and code examples for HTML and CSS

Evaluată cu 4 din 5 stele (3)
328 de utilizatori

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Dust-Me Selectors

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@Geuis -- the "issue" with IE conditional comments is not a bug, it's deliberate behavior - it's designed to read stylesheets inside conditional comments just like any other stylesheet. Why would you not want it to?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.2).