Апдейты Яндекса No Restart

Показывает дату последнего апдейта

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Added April 25, 2015

Ultimate Flash Killer No Restart

Disable Flash and hiding its MIME. It enables server-side Flash validation logic (not client-side that existing plugins use). Add-on allowes a user-defined domain whitelist.

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Added April 24, 2015

Smart Pause for YouTube No Restart

Smart Pause automatically pauses currently playing videos on YouTube once you leave the page and resumes playback when you return.

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Added April 21, 2015

Gaia: BBCode Generator No Restart

Generates BBCode for gaia inventory and wishlist.

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Added April 20, 2015

Zero Internet No Restart

How does zero-rated Internet feel like? Find out yourself.
You should complete 100 days without Internet to get in the right frame of reference before installing this add-on.
Uninstall/disable to browse.
Read extended description for details.

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Added April 19, 2015

Sylestia: Hatchlings As Adults No Restart

Adds a button to the hatchery pages on Sylestia.com. When clicked, this button will change hatchling images into adults!

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Added April 18, 2015

It's Video Games No Restart

Replaces occurrences of 'videogame' (and variants thereof) with 'video game' the way it was meant to be spelled.

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Added April 17, 2015

I Don't Want to Miss a Notification!!1 No Restart

Let users decide how long web notifications can last

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Added April 16, 2015

Demandware No Restart

Demandware add-on for changing business manager view to old one.

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Added April 14, 2015

mail.gov.in-Ad-Hider No Restart

This addon hides the annoying ad banner shown on the right side of the screen in Indian Government's email system i.e mail.gov.in.

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Added April 10, 2015

Rickroll Detector No Restart

A simple rickroll detector.

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Added April 9, 2015

Copy as Org-mode No Restart

Copy links, tables & images in page as Org-mode format!

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Added April 6, 2015

Memory Fox Next

Amended Memory Fox.
Attempts to reduce both Browser and Flash usage of RAM memory. Memory Fox Next will promote the increase of available RAM for other application processes, hopefully, fostering any attempts of Memory Recovery and Retention.

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Added April 5, 2015

Small Clock No Restart

A simple and small 24hr clock which sits in your toolbar. Ideal for fullscreen browser use.

Click on the time to cycle through different colours to find one appropriate for your theme or mood.

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Added April 5, 2015

MDN: Save With Comment Hotkey No Restart

A helpful add-on for MDN contributors which instantly scrolls to and focuses the revision comment edit box so you can comment and save your changes quickly and conveniently.

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Added April 3, 2015

SIMS-Easy-Button No Restart

A add-on to easily load several frequently used SIMS pages after initial log in

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Added April 2, 2015

Nice-Calculator No Restart


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Added April 2, 2015

Website On Page Analyzer

An exclusive tool of SubmitINme for best examining a Websites Onpage factors and SEO parameters in just seconds

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Added March 30, 2015

GEO2Enrichr No Restart

GEO2Enrichr helps you quickly and easily extract gene sets from the Gene Expression Omnibus and analyze these lists for common biological functions.

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Added March 30, 2015

Fullscreen Maps No Restart

Toggle the visibility of Google Maps and Bing Maps user interface elements for a fullscreen viewing experience.

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Added March 29, 2015