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  • I love it! I've just used it with a webpage, with a Youtube video embedded, and the sound is too loud to be heard. With this extension, the sound is higher and audible now!
  • Perfect!!
    Using headphones the max volume limit in macOS is too loud. Now, with this extension I can fix the max limit volume for youtube
  • Too bad that we can't save the gain per site / domain.
  • No "reset default" mode.
    Yeah, I usually just refresh the page. Thanks for the one star, now I definitely WON'T implement that :P
  • Thanks for the good addon.
  • i dont know if it still work with webext .. but maybe you could use unsafeWindow instead of window to tap into the controlls for other players
  • God Bless you! It! Wonderful - so many videos I like are so low I can't hear them at all. This really, really works! Yay!
  • It actually does what the description says !
    5 stars from me and keep up the good work ! :)
  • Could you add ability to:

    - reset settings /gain and pain back to defaults/ --> (via add-on toolbar icon) and
    - enable/disable addon --> (also via add-on toolbar icon) and of course somehow sign the status...


    PS: I do not really experience difference, but it must be work. :)
  • Works for Youtube and Netflix!

    Finally, I can crank up the sound on movies that are too quiet for my laptop speakers!
  • Давно мечтал о таком расширении
  • Works awesome!
  • It should be built into the browser.

    Is it possible to move the button to the address bar and show only when audio is playing in the current tab? I'd prefer that behavior over the ever present toolbar clutter.
  • Уважаемый Dev, реализуйте возможность сохранять настройки дополнения для определенных сайтов, жуть из раза в раз открывать по необходимости видео YT в новой вкладке и каждый раз заходить в addon, подкручивать волюмэ!
    Dear Dev, implement the ability to save the add-on settings for certain sites, horror from time to time to open the YT video in a new tab as needed, and each time go into the addon, tweak the volume!
    Thank you.
  • Fixed the issues I had on youtube audio, I only heard the left channel bu this fixed it.