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  • works perfect! best add-on out there!
  • It worked for me! Certain YouTube videos had no audio, so I tried SoundFixer. 100% success!
  • Yip yup!
  • So wirklich überzeugt hat mich das Addon nicht
  • Worked on youtube, had no idea how it worked but keep the pan in the center for equal sound in both headphones, and put the gain at max. Love it. Thanks!
  • gd
  • Awesome plugin. The only one I found so far that works on android firefox. But I can.t use it because I can.t play the video faster. I can.t watch Youtube at normal rate. It.s too inneficient and doesn.t stimulate my brain. Any progress on fixing the playback rate? Thank you !
  • Nothing except this fixed problem!!! THANKS
  • Pretty nice plugin, really helps, but sad there is no checkbox to remember configuration to use in any youtube tabs. tweaking every time is annoying if sound issue is more global than in one or two videos. Just wanna tweak once and forget it, but ... :<
  • So glad I found this. Works just about perfectly
  • This works great! Its really nice that it can work on multiple tabs each with their own volume.

    Though seeing the numbers for gain/pan without having to hover the mouse over the sliders would be nice.