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  • Very useful when it's needed
  • Awesome extension that fixes the poor sound volume of my 2011 MacBook Pro. I would give it 5 stars, if it were to permit speed controls. Currently, it always resorts back to 1x speed for videos when changing the gain.
  • fantastisch.fantastic.first item that help. i can hear youtube videos. great.
  • Ookoo
  • Király.
  • Great add-on, my only complaint is that moving the sliders from their default positions prevents YouTube's playback speed controls from working (reverts speed to x1).
  • goods
  • No hace nada en automatico, para cada video tienes que subir y bajar la ganancia, es lo mismo que subir y bajar el volumen tu solo sin la extensión.
  • i was searching from many days any software or extension that could solve my issue
    finally i find it thanks for this amazing Extension that solve my problem
  • Good