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  • A must have app for using YouTube.
  • I've tried half a dozen volume boost extensions to make quiet youtube videos louder, and this is the only one that worked immediately on installation. (firefox 60.9.0esr on linux)
  • Test
  • I've not used it that much (just 2 times), but it does what is supposed to. I can increase the max volume so it is now a pleasure to listen youtube when songs are silent even at max volume!
  • The only problem is this extension "forgets" the sound setting. when you open a youtube video in a new tab, the settings are gone. you have to stop the video, click on the icon, then max the sound setting again. Great extension, annoying problem.
  • It's a very nice and clean tool. It will be even better if it can persist the settings trough page refreshes.
  • Nice little tool that dose exactly what it says it dose with no fluff.
  • Just a manual gain slider. No limiting or auto gain control.
  • id give ya a million bucks if I could ty