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  • It suddenly stopped working without a warning or anything
  • Youtube playback speed control does not work if this plugin is installed.
  • Rewelacja do cichych nagrań! Brawo!
  • Its a great fix for a better sound in firefox. I wish it could had an option to set the gain control by default to a louder one
  • Works great misses importent core features. I'm still missing a tool that let me adjust the audio by frames, fyi Marques Brownlee did an experiment uploading and downloading the same youtube video 100 times and with every upload the audio will shift 4 frames. And one thing that annoyed me today, was that a video had switched stereo channels, would be great to have a checkbox aside Mono that says switch right and left channel. Then this tool will be a five star add-on for me.
  • Nice app
  • works well on music.youtube.com
  • Brilliant extension exactly what I've been looking for and works very well ; )
  • Nice. I was looking for one that had gain, but the pan and mono settings are usefull in some cases