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  • 火狐浏览器添加不了
  • In it's previous version this addon is 4 stars, but now there is a new version.

    Problems with the new version:
    1) Harder to get to important numbers (like number of visits). For all users I know it's the most important number. Now you need to scroll down to get it, slows research a lot.
    2) Eats a lot of CPU and memory, much more than the previous version. Now I need to switch off addon frequently to free resources. [I'm using Mac and up-to-date browser]

    Update: checked addon on Windows, the same problem with memory usage. When you switch off addon, in-use RAM falls immediately and abruptly. The more tabs you have open, the more severe the problem is.
  • Eating 40 to 60% of CPU-time for two days now.
    Worked fine before
    Edit: 5 stars again
    We're very sorry to hear that - can you share on what environment it occurred? Windows/Mac, browser version etc...
    You can also send these to support@similarweb.com
    We restored the previous version until this issue is fixed.
  • Something shady about this plugin, I dont know if it's bad developed or mining bitcoin, or something even worst, but it's using 40% of my CPU for nothing, see this video:

    We're very sorry to hear that - we restored the previous version until this issue is fixed.
    Can you share on what environment it occurred? Windows/Mac, browser version etc...
    You can also send these to support@similarweb.com
  • very good
  • Very good
  • Very useful finding "Similar Sites". I like to check the statistics of the site that I browse to verify in some way the authenticity of its content.
  • For some reason plugin loads and shows data MUCH slower then site.
  • Good
  • superb!
  • Несколько дней назад перестал показывать статистику. Всегда пишет одно и то же:
    "We’re sorry but...
    We currently lack sufficient data to show complete estimations for this website....."
    Разработчики, почините плагин!
  • The people who developed the plugin lack the basic UI/UX understanding. It's virtually impossible to use this add-on. The interface needs a lot of work. Also, most suggestions are TOTALLY irrelevant and in no way similar to the site I'm browsing. I'm getting rid of it NOW!
  • Плагин показывает статистику один раз после перезапуска браузера и больше не работает. OS x. Исправьте пожалуйста!
  • Thank you however.. It is not working with the latest firefox 44.0.2
    In the main window "Data is not available for this domain." Reload active link and picture of a dog, nevetheless the data exists as it may be seen by going to SimilarWeb site.
  • awesome
  • for what it does this is by far the nicest, most informative and accurate solution I’ve found on the market. Alexa killer all the way…I’ve used their site in the past but having one-click access to so many statistics (for me, particularly the referrals and similar sites) is an enormous help and boost in productivity. Loyal and happy customer here - thank you!
  • the recent update was great, they took it from just showing similar sites to basically all of a site’s Google Analytics stats, from referrals to geographic break-down, et cetera. Its incredibly revealing and really helps my research (I’m a student). Recommended all the way. Also, its really light and doesn’t seem to affect my browser's performance.
  • Great for doing web marketing, web discovery, and lead generation. Lots of useful data presented cleanly.
  • When something is free, it is you the product!
    This is so very true in this case.
    Do not use this at work on your internal corporate LAN. It will get a lot of sensitive information out and make it available for all on the Web.
    Hello Timok,

    I'm really sorry you feel this way and I'd like to alleviate some of your concerns. We collect absolutely no personal data about you or your browsing habits. That being said, some usage statistics, 100% encrypted and anonymous, are collected and as you see in the description for this add-on, we are very transparent about this.
    If you have any concerns, you can see exactly how our data is used at www.similarweb.com/website/amazon.com
  • The interface in this new version leaves something to be desired. Primarily because when you click on a "similar link" it opens up an entire new window. Previous versions had a drop down menu of similar sites and was more user friendly IMO.
  • Fantastic! I didn't knew there were so many similar pages...
  • awesome, liked it.
  • Whoa this is great. I can now use this to find similar sites for various sites. Example Comic → Other Great Comics. Works better then what I was expecting.
  • Ganke nyttig redskap for å finne relevante nettsteder sentrert om et tema. Ikke alltid perfekte resulteter, men alt i alt er det mulig å gjøre kjempebrajobb med dette.