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  • Edward Snowden endorses NoScript Security Suite as a tool to fight Surveillance States. Hands down the best browser security.
  • Everything from the security this add-on provides to the UI is simply the best out there. I have tested, tried and compared, this is a clear winner.
  • NoScript is a very powerful privacy tool that is a must-have for me. I have made some testing with NoScript together with some other security extensions on various websites. The conclusion: out of 3 security extensions, ONLY NoScript did detect and block the malicious requests on those test sites.

    Absolutely excellent!
  • 2.999 reviews already so im happy to be the one who makes it up to 3.000! Great security extension!
  • Why does NoScript reset all my permission settings when I switch between Linux and Windows synced Firefox? A real nuisance!
  • A must have for anyone who cares about online security. This is also the most reliable and functional extension for the protection needed, for me noscript protect my browsing online where other extensions did not work fully. (suggestion: open youtube and type noscript to find good tutorials, this is not complicated to learn)