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  • A must have for safe browsing online
  • it allows me to get more sites than I did before before it would have a internet the world lock on it wouldn't let me in different eye sights car sites advertisement stuff like that. duck with that being that prompt that way no problem thank you I appreciate the help any more suggestions please send them to me I'm still developing things I need to do the website room have not dropped my cloud yet but I will thank you God bless you and God bless America. The next step of going to try are the exploding cookies outstanding. And like their parties that I have to deal with them not fully but I had to deal with him.
  • Works Great
  • تازه نصب کردم
  • HTTPS Everywhere is rather basic and uses a list, a site in HTTP will never be redirected in HTTPS even if the site supports it, but in my case of use, 99,9% of the sites I regularly visit are already in HTTPS and the 2-3 HTTP sites I know from memory have never worked in HTTPS with Smart HTTPS, so, HTTPS Everywhere is enough for me as a basic protection, then, it's developed by EFF who made Privacy Badger, which seems to me to be a minimum of trust.
  • good
  • It's a great program, but I wish it was Persian so it was easier to work with