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Nome Mark Smith
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Utilizador desde June 15, 2007
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I enjoy working on Mozilla-based software, including Firefox and Tor Browser. I have also created many Firefox add-ons, including Page Saver.

Extras que eu criei

Pearl Crescent Page Saver screenshot tool Reinício necessário

Save an image of a web page (including Flash content) to a file. Web page screenshots may be captured interactively or from the command line. Options allow you to control the output format (PNG or JPEG), image file name, scaling, and much more.

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72 033 utilizadores

Page Saver WE screenshot capture tool Compatível com o Firefox 57+

Quickly and easily capture an image of a web page. Options allow you to control output format (PNG or JPEG), file name and more.

This is a new WebExtensions implementation of Page Saver. It does not contain all of the features of its predecessor.

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398 utilizadores

Keyword Box Reinício necessário

Keyword Box provides capabilities similar to Firefox's bookmark keywords. We created Keyword Box because some people prefer to have a specific text entry field that makes the availability of a keyword based shortcut more prominent.

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69 utilizadores

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Check and Send

fix for Thunderbird 45 Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

I was able to get this excellent add-on working again in Thunderbird 45 by using the advanced config editor to set dom.compartment_per_addon = false.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (0.9.27).