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Mixed opinion Avaliado com 2 de 5 estrelas

This addon appears to just make for faster access to the standard text zoom... therein lies the downfall.

With a product like this, as it's listed, it's going to be for people with either huge screens at high res, or small screens at low res.

The huge crowd like this product, because they usually just need a wee text boost. But those of us with small screens find it entirely and utterly useless as the images and layout are still designed explicitly for higher resolutions. So you end up with a bunch of giant images and tiny text.

Good concept, nice idea, needs more work though. Make it zoom the whole page and it'll live up to its name.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (1.0.1). 


Perfect for small screens Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas

There's two types of people who are going to be interested in a product like this one. People with huge screens running ridiculously high resolution then realizing that everything's unreadable and people like myself with small screens running small resolutions that have been left behind by current web design practices that call for at least 1024x768.

For a fair while I've been fighting with this old iBook trying to browse. I normally used a fairly high text size drop but even so, the graphics didn't scale whatsoever and it didn't fit. After noticing that IE7 on my Vista box zoomed the whole page rather than just the text, I wondered if I could get that same functionality on the old Mac.

Turns out I can. Unfortunately as stated it's not quite as smooth as IE7's zoom, and even more sadly I can guarantee Firefox 3.0 isn't going to run on this machine (I'll be one subversion short as usual, god damn OS X and it's retardedness).

As for the product, since I only use the zoom out functionality, I have absolutely no quarrels. It keeps layout and adjusts text, and makes everything just that little easier to deal with.

So kudos to the author, it works perfectly for one half of the suggested audience. Even if it doesn't work right on huge screens, getting it to scale down is a pretty good piece of work.

And for the huge screen users having a cry, just turn your resolution down and be glad that you're still working with thousands of pixels. I wish I could.

Esta análise é para uma versão anterior do extra (0.3.3).