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Nome Geek in Training
Localização USA
Ocupação programming
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Utilizador desde December 13, 2012
Número de extras desenvolvido 2 extra
Avaliação média dos extras do desenvolvedor Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

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The Addon Bar (restored) Sem reínicio

Gives you a place to put all your add-on buttons without over-crowding the navigation bar.

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas (24)
1.815 utilizadores

Go-Mobile [Speed Boost] Sem reínicio

Tell websites your browser is a phone. Very handy for dial-up connections, or just to speed up browsing. Simple, small, and fast. Go Mobile.

Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas (16)
5.152 utilizadores

Minhas revisões

RSS Icon In Awesombar

Glad to have it back! Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

This is a great feature to have in Firefox! It makes it a lot easier to subscribe to page feeds. It also works with the Omnibar addon, which might be a bonus to some.


A must-have Avaliado em 5 de 5 estrelas

Great addon! This adds a very much needed feature to Firefox for Android.

Mobile Firefox

Wow, someone finished my addon for me! ... Or not. Avaliado em 3 de 5 estrelas

Well, actually, after looking at it, it is not finished after all, Nothing that is in the menu actually works.

(To developer: this is not a bug, the code is just not there to handle the things in the menu. The code uploaded here was not a stable release of Go-Mobile.)

Esta avaliação é para uma versão anterior do extra (1.0.0).