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Awesome Timestamp Sem reínicio

Convert timestamps to datetime and datetime to timestamps.

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Adicionado July 2, 2014

NetCopy Sem reínicio

Firebug extension to copy net requests to the clipboard to the desired format

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Adicionado June 24, 2014


All-in-one screen capture and annotation tool. Capture screenshot or video of a region or the whole page in one-click.

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Adicionado June 20, 2014

Kill Button Sem reínicio

Say goodbye to unwanted elements in web pages

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Adicionado June 17, 2014

WSTabReload Sem reínicio

Forget about the [F5] key! WSTabReload is a web development productivity tool that will help you to automatically reload your browser tabs every time selected local files are changed.

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Adicionado June 16, 2014

Генератор ИИН Sem reínicio

Генератор ИИН позволит тестировщику вставлять в поле для ИИН сгенерированное значение.

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Adicionado June 12, 2014

Header Bar Sem reínicio

Header Bar is a simple toolbar that allows you to add or override request headers.

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Adicionado June 6, 2014

Extra Content V.I.P. Sem reínicio

Extra Content VIP Extension gives access to Premium VIP content.

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Adicionado May 29, 2014

Скриншот на VFL.Ru

С помощью этого дополнения вы можете создать скриншот (снимок) страницы и моментально разместить его на фотохостинге VFL.Ru, получив ссылку на страницу с созданным скриншотом, которую можно отправить тем, кому вы хотели бы показать скриншот.

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Adicionado May 22, 2014

Anticaptcha Sem reínicio

Расширение позволяет автоматически вводить и подтверждать капчи на сайтах с помощью сервиса

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Adicionado May 20, 2014

URL Shooter Sem reínicio

View and edit GET and POST parameters of the current page.

It is similar to the UrlParams extension, but is totally compatible with newer Firefox versions. It also have a cleaner UI and cool features like drag and drop.

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Adicionado May 19, 2014

Omniref Sem reínicio

Adds Ruby documentation search from to your Google search results and Github source listings.

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Adicionado May 15, 2014

lgtm-for-firefox Sem reínicio

Show LGTM images from Copy markdown text to clipboard or input pull request textarea

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Adicionado May 14, 2014

Octotree Sem reínicio

Add-on to display GitHub code in tree format

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Adicionado May 13, 2014

Emoji Cheatsheet for GitHub, Basecamp etc. Sem reínicio

A simple reference for the codes that can be used to generate Emojis on popular sites like GitHub or Basecamp.
Search Emojis by name or view recently selected items. Emoji codes are automatically copied to the clipboard on selection.

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Adicionado May 12, 2014

Frumentari search

Automatikus keresés a oldalon

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Adicionado May 11, 2014

Selenium IDE WebDriver Selector

WebDriver selector for Selenium IDE

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Adicionado May 11, 2014



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Adicionado May 11, 2014

gm-mafia Sem reínicio

a basic add-on gm-mafia

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Adicionado May 7, 2014

Alytik for Firefox Sem reínicio

The Web Analytics plugin lets you find out more information about the rank and rank history of websites that you visit in exchange for your browsing information. It is similar to Alexa Sparky. Be sure to read the privacy policy.

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Adicionado May 6, 2014