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DuckDuckGo Bangs

Add some DuckDuckGo options to text selection menu

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Adicionado February 24, 2017

Libup - Beautiful and practical start page

The most beautiful home pages for your chrome browser. Impressive backgrounds by thousands.

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Adicionado February 23, 2017

選択したテキスト内の URL を操作する

選択したテキスト内に含まれる URL を、コンテキストメニューから新規タブで開きます。h 抜きなど、プロトコルの欠けた URL は欠けに応じて https か http に補完して開きます。プロトコルとスラッシュのいずれも含まない、ホスト名だけの URL は非対応です。選択した URL を一時的に記憶して、あとでまとめて開くこともできます。
 Firefox の仕様で、選択した文字列は先頭から 150 文字目までしか読み取れません。

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Adicionado February 18, 2017

OLI Simple QrCode

Create a QR Code of the current URL(window/tab) credits google

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Adicionado February 14, 2017

Bayanometr (JoyReactor)

Поиск картинок на сайте joyreactor.cc.
Только для тролей, лжецов и девственников

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Adicionado February 12, 2017

Libup - Page de démarrage belle et pratique

Les plus belles pages d'accueil pour votre navigateur chrome. Des arrières plans impressionnants par milliers.

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Adicionado February 10, 2017

FindFlix: Netflix Secret Category Finder

Quickly and Easily search for movies and TV series on Netflix using FindFlix to see Netflix's hidden categories.

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Adicionado February 1, 2017

App for Google Translate™

Easily open and use google translate while you browse, with just one click

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Adicionado January 31, 2017

Instant Prime Search

Search Amazon Prime instantly from your browser and save on shipping

Instantly search for products available for shipping FREE on Amazon via Prime. Simply click on the amazon icon and manually enter the product name.

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Adicionado January 30, 2017


An extension that scrolls the current page down. You can use it for pages like Twitter, Facebook ect.
Scroll++ is an open source scroller. See https://github.com/zoutepopcorn/scroll

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Adicionado January 30, 2017

Secure Login (WebExtension)

A login extension similar to Opera's Wand login

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Adicionado January 28, 2017

Force Safe Search

Force Safe Search mode on search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and more

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Adicionado January 27, 2017

Glosario Bdmat

Añade un item en el menú contextual al seleccionar un texto

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Adicionado January 27, 2017


Résumez pertinemment vos articles en ligne en 1 clic

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Adicionado January 26, 2017

SafeSearch Enforcer

Esta extenção força motores de busca como Google, Bing and Yahoo a usarem o filtro de conteúdo adulto.

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Adicionado January 25, 2017

MechHero map tools

Display map pnel grid lines and resource field values (on empty ground only!)

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Adicionado January 24, 2017


View Youtube video thumbnails with max resolution
Right click a video link and press 'View thumbnail'

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Adicionado January 24, 2017

Error 404 Wayback Machine

Checks every 404 pages. If an archive exists in archive.org, a banner is displayed to open this archive.

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Adicionado January 22, 2017


IV filtering and Discord notifications for *pogomap.com sites. e.g. https;//sydneypogomap.com or https;//londonpogomap.com

GitHub at https://github.com/Slimmmo/PGMSuite

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Adicionado January 21, 2017


UTILILAB SearchGUARDIAN is an alternative search engine. It protects end users from malicious sites that may be returned by other search engines.
UTILILAB SearchGUARDIAN utilizes search assets from Yahoo & Bing to provide a safer experience.

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Adicionado January 20, 2017