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新聞小幫手 Sem reínicio


1. 支援 Facebook 網站
2. 支援 Google+ 網站
3. 支援 Twitter 網站
4. 瀏覽誤導新聞網站時,會紅色框警示。

新聞小幫手只會處理畫面上的連結,不會取得您 facebook / google+ / twitter 帳號資訊。
本專案是 Open Source 的!

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Socks Switcher

Simple socks proxy switcher. Directly setting and switching from addons panel.

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IMDb & Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Watchever Sem reínicio

This extension seamlessly adds the ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes into the watchever web interface. Each movie and series detail page gets two more rating rows (if the movie/series can be found in IMDb).

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MY Gotchya! Easy Shopper Finder

Gotchya! Easy Shopper for Firefox

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EiBow Sem reínicio

Os melhores descontos estão aqui!

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Go to the link Sem reínicio

open selected web address with new browser tab

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Pipocastv App Sem reínicio

Pesquisa de legendas no site

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Adds option in Privacy settings to auto-clear the Searchbox. (Option disabled by default)
Adding this option in privacy setting will allow users to decide whether the user wants to clear the text on search or not from search bar.

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quick-rurema-search Sem reínicio

A shortcut to rurema-search.

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Telebroad Click2Call Sem reínicio


Telebroad Click2Call streamlines business communications by offering a quick and easy Webdialer that creates clickable links of any phone number posted on any Web page.

Copyright © 2013 All rights reserved.

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Pushpin Sem reínicio

Pushpin provides one-click bookmarking for Pinboard.

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Next Tuenti Sem reínicio

Next Tuenti es un complemento que añade funcionalidades extra y más interación de la red social Tuenti con Firefox

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Rádio Liberdade FM - Abelardo Luz

Rádio Liberdade FM - Abelardo Luz - Firefox

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The Animal Rescue Site Browser App Sem reínicio

Fund meals for shelter animals in need while you do your normal, every day shopping online!

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QR any image link Sem reínicio

tool helps you convert link of any image in websites to QR-code, and capture that QR-code with your smartphone for downloading the original image and save it in sd-card.

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GiaoNhan247.Com Sem reínicio

Cho phép bạn đặt hàng, nhận báo giá trực tuyến tại các website thương mại điện tử như Amazon, Ebay..v..v

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Helper for namehelp, a tool for improved web performance by AquaLab at Northwestern University.

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Tin Can Auth Sem reínicio

Protect your privacy by authenticating your Tin Can calls, ensuring you are talking directly to your friends.

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