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De Partijpolitiek-filter

Deze extensie verwijdert alle partijgerelateerde onzin van je internet, en toont hoe een politiek zonder partijen zou kunnen zijn. Politici krijgen enkel nog hun voornaam, partijnamen worden gecensureerd.

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Alisec is a product of Alipay. It's main function is to be adapt to firefox's new mechanism and to make the browser to support for the original security controls.

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NoTrace Reinício necessário

How to limit the diffusion of personally identifiable information and protect users's privacy against Web tracking and other privacy threats

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A Visual Iconic Directory of major USA Websites & Newspapers. Frequently Used websites are organized in one quick start page for American Internet users. The most convenient way to use the web.

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Lighterweight Themes for Australis

This extension modifies Lightweight Themes (formerly, "Personas") to reduce their impact and control their visibility in Australis (Firefox 29+).

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Gives the "Bookmarks Toolbar" the Australis look and roomy feel. Frees space by removing the label and leaves the icon with the themed syling.

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IE Like HTTP-Authentication

Support non-ISO-8859-1 characters for HTTP authentication.
It solve bug.
Now support just Windows-1251 (Cyrylic).

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QGTranslate is very helpful if you want to translate shorts texts from the websites or even the full webpage within 1-2 clicks without opening a new tab and without leaving the trust area of Google Translate.

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Fix for zoomed default-font

This Add-On sets all form elements to 100% so elements where the font-size is not defined are not scaled by the text-scale-factor twice. This solves a wide spread problem on zoomed desktops.


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JoyBidder eBay Auction Sniper Free Edition Reinício necessário

eBay auction monitoring and bidding tool track and snipe eBay auction, intuitive user interface and easy to use.

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Modifies OkCupid to show indicators for profiles YOU'VE visited, anywhere profile links are shown. Know the last time you visited them!

Like this? Say hi to me at =)

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AnkoLauncher Reinício necessário


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A waiting notication monitor for Minichan BBS

Checks for new PMs, citations, and watched replies on Minichan BBS

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افزونه ی کارگزاری های آی آر بروکر در بورس تهران

یک مجموعه ی کوچک از امکانات و اطلاعات اضافی که به پنل کاربری شما اضافه می شود.

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Firefox plugin voor Klik & Bel, instellen van je bereikbaarheid en wachtrij monitoring

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Google Tasks Sidebar

Shows your Google tasks in a sidebar.

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iDislike Button For Facebook

You just hate that status, image or comment ?
You want to show that you disapprove it ?!
That you dislike it ? ... Here is the solution ...

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saveicon Reinício necessário

右クリックメニューの「名前を付けてページを保存」と「名前を付けてリンク先を保存」と「名前を付けて画像を保存」と「○○ で検索: "××"」にアイコンを追加します。

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Diablo 3 profile +

This simple extension adds your elemental damage and elemental elite damage to your official diablo 3 profile page.

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160by2 Reinício necessário browser extension to send FREE messages to anyone across India, right from your browser.

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