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*don't use this -- use Chrome Developer Tools' "Copy as cURL", which is much more complete*

Copy and paste a curl command line for any request in the Firebug Net Panel.

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Surfon Sem reínicio

Bookmarking done right. From any browser, to any device.

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omnisequences Sem reínicio

Omnisequences are keyboard sequences which you can customize. This is inspired by google shorcuts. This aint your grandma's shortcuts but sequences with reusable functionality across sites and extensibility.

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Muzyczny toolbar - tuba.FM

Muzyka w przeglądarce - radio internetowe, wygodna wyszukiwarka utworów, artystów i gatunków oraz przegląd wiadomości. Poleca tuba.FM

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Shaiya DE Status-Check

Dieses Addon überprüft den Serverstatus (online/offline) der Shaiya-DE-Server. Es beinhaltet die Überwachung des Login-Servers und des Gameservers "Aurora".

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For Human Eyes Only

Converts your messages into images so that it is hard for computers to extract them, while genuine humans can still read them. That is, it helps you protect against computer programs that breach your privacy by automatically analyzing what you say.

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tagin Sem reínicio

Firefox add-on that tags and displays tags of the wifi environment.

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Scarica canzoni in mp3 gratuitamente dai video di youtube o scaricali in mp4

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ImgBR envio de imagem com mouse

Hospedam imagens no com um clique do mouse

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2 utilizadores One-Click DNS Lookup

Perform easy DNS lookups directly from the site you want to check.
The Whois® One-Click DNS Lookup add-on supports DNS lookups on A Records, NS(NameServer) Records and MX(Mail Exchanger) records.

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Reply Robot

Add text to input area quickly

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Selector paginas Noticiero Digital y Aporrea

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Bookmarks UI Sem reínicio

- Access your favorite bookmarks easy and fast with Bookmarks UI
- Hide the Bookmarks Toolbar and give your browser more space and a cleaner look
- Great UI - Toolbar button
- Personalize: Wallpapers, Mouse Actions, Hotkeys ...

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Allows copying multiple texts before pasting.

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Automatically close unused tabs (keep only N most recent tabs).

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eQuake Alert II

Have you ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earth quake, right on your desktop . eQuake Alert is the solution for that...

New version compatible with newer versions of Firefox.

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Send with Spectate

Easily create tracked links in emails using Spectate without leaving Gmail.

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SearchRater rates the business behind a search result for legitimacy. SearchRater works with the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo, Blekko, and DuckDuckGo. Ratings come from the SiteTruth rating system.

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Ubiquity in Awesomebar

Control Firefox like Linux. Requires installing the community-maintained Ubiquity ( ). Then, places Ubiquity in Awesomebar.

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