Histórico de versões de Real Football

4 versões

Tenha cuidado com extras antigos!

Estas versões são apresentadas para referência e fins de teste. Deve sempre utilizar a última versão de um extra.

Versão 1014.5 KiB Funciona com Firefox 4.0 - 56.*

New version fixing some css files to add cosmetic enhancements.
Colors are now in hsl format rather than rgb.

Versão 2.7.1 1.0 MiB Funciona com Firefox 3.6 - 18.*

Same 2.7.0 version, but now the identity box is properly identifying HTTPS websites, also notification icon box was updated.

Versão 2.7.0 1.0 MiB Funciona com Firefox 3.6 - 8.0a1

Version 2.7.0
Fixed minor appearance settings in css files.
Changed some icons
It now supports FF 3.6 to 6.0

Versão 2.5.0 1.0 MiB Funciona com Firefox 3.6 - 4.0.*

This new 2.5.0 version of the RF theme will only work on Firefox 3.6+ including the new Firefox 4.0
Some icons as well as some background colors were changed compared to previous versions, it looks better now.