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Doesn't work for me (latest Fx nightly), could you please fix it?Edit: oh, it's sooo weird, but if I disable (not delete) this extension - then it actually works like it should. If I enable it again - it doesn't work. Disable again - works again. Soooo weird.Edit2: seems like it conflicts with my other extension that puts menu-bar to title-bar, near by the AppButton. Well, then it's not that weird, as my extension uses some dirty hacks.

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Could you please send me additional information?

Could you tell me what extension you used? I'd like to add it to Developer's comments section.
AddOns like PersonalMenu interfere with this because they edit the whole menu, I haven't noticed other problems yet. I try to keep the AddOn as compartible as possible, it would be great if you assist me doing that by writing a eMail (my username at abwesend.de) or editing your review. Thanks!